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6 Steps To Raise Awareness and Acceptance of Your Place in Life

The Guides shared six steps to raise your awareness and acceptance where you are in life:


Step #1:

Be more in charge. Take responsibility for you. If you don’t make you your own power, the steering wheel of your car, you will lose control. Learn that by separating the cloth of everyday life one thread at a time. Live each hour by listening. Put yourself in a place to hear your answers. Connect the dots.

Step #2:

Set comfortable goals. Make them realistic.  Your attitude is key. Work to change bad ones. Life is a preparation of events. You are getting stronger to the finish line.  Take one bite at a time.  If not, you lose your fire and enthusiasm…and people step on you.

Step #3:

Know what is yours. That’s hard. We all get something different from the same sermon.  There are lots of apples on the tree. Choose the one that is sweetest and most digestible for you.  In the book I Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, I learned that if you want something bad enough, and you have set goals, but you’re not close, you didn’t want it to begin with.  You like being stuck where you are. Swallow it, or spit it out.


Step #4:

Identify what your needs are. Most people don’t have a clue. What do you want from it? When it comes to your array of friends…do you know what you need from all of them? When it comes to all situations, be clear about your expectations. Accept and know them.  

Step #5:

You need time alone. Center yourself in the heat of the storm. Don’t crawl in the corner and meditate. You will get out of the corner, and your life will crumble. Aloneness means getting centered within you. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your hands. Your whole body relaxes.

Step #6:

Anytime we create fear or dependence, we know we are not in the light. Learn to listen to where your energy is. Don’t listen to those who want to tell you to be afraid of something.  Patience is the need to have persistence.



There is a need for prayer—if not, your soul starves. According to The Guides, prayer is admiration and appreciation in God’s light. We are living as an aspect of who we really are. When we pray, we reconnect to the source that is our total self. It can be good music, lunch with a friend, watching a gorgeous sunset and enjoying what is there.

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