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About Mary Jo

Mary Jo McCabe is a highly respected and sought-after Psychic Soul Interpreter. She receives her messages from a group of souls she refers to as "The Guides." Since 1981, Mary Jo has devoted herself to sharing her gift with individuals looking for greater personal and spiritual understanding and clarity to life's many challenges. Through personal and highly professional consultations, group seminars, and live media appearances, Mary Jo can offer understanding and insight of nearly every situation posed to her without hesitation. By relying upon her guidance, she can identify the reason a current challenge exists and what personal resources should be relied on to overcome it. Mary Jo's candor and professional presentation have placed her in high demand for seminars, by clientele, and for television/radio media outlets.

Mary Jo is dedicated to empowering individuals to listen to their inner voice, connect to their intuition, and transform their lives by bridging the gap between their spiritual and physical worlds. This offers healing and allows loved ones to reconnect and to better understand death and loss as well as helping people to gain a greater understanding of the changes and challenges of life.


Psychic Medium John Edward recommends Mary Jo as an intuitive in his book, One Last Time. Mary Jo's clients agree with John's endorsement of her…"Mary Jo's true gift is the dedication, responsibility, commitment, and integrity she brings to her work and her clients."


Mary Jo currently resides in Tampa, FL with her husband, Howard Oakes. She enjoys spending time with her son, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, his wife Melissa, and their two children, Logan and Caroline. 

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