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Ask and You Shall Receive

Have you ever been told you think too much?


From the time you are born, you learn to study your emotions--your feelings. But that mental work--that thinking-- takes away the power of your choices. That is what makes you feel empty. The truth is...when you let go emotionally and allow yourself to feel your emotions, you will "find flight in your own world." 

As a soul, you live life to learn how to find you. One way to do that is to learn to ask for what you need to feed that empty part of you. You can tell which part that is when you begin to overwhelm yourself with crisis. Crisis does not take place in life because of someone else’s action. Crisis takes place in your life because it is what you need to awaken you to what’s empty inside of you. It is the great motivator.

As you begin to grow, you are forced to confront areas of you that need strengthening. It is like a flower that has wilted from the lack of water or care. If you "feed the flower" again, you will not only become stronger, but you will also begin to grow.  Identify what it is in you that feels hungry, so you can begin to face that hidden part of you that can make a difference and enlighten you about your personal circumstances. It forces you to look at the people in your life who no longer need to be there. It also gives you a start in a new direction, because as you begin to dig into that part of you that is weak, in crisis, or out of control, you will begin to put more control back into your life. You will longer feel as though you are living in someone else’s shoes.

Have you ever noticed flowers in a garden that will not bloom, but are situated right next to ones that have grown to great height and are in full bloom? It is not the soil, sun, or rain that encourages the flower to come to full life. It is the spirit of the bulb… the foundation of the seed.

With that have no one to blame for your life but you. If you did not give yourself what you needed yesterday to feel good about you today, some part of you will feel hungry. To satisfy that hunger, the first place to start is to learn to ask for what you need. It is like seeing all the drawers of life and not knowing which one to open. It is like understanding the muscle of your soul and not knowing how to use the power of that muscle. To ask for what you need, recognize what you don’t have. That can create fear, agitation, even anger. That place where you feel the lack of you in your life is the first place to start.


In order to ask for what you want, know what part of your life you are missing. If you don't need to be in that moment-- in that space, you are actually not in it, because eventually, when you do not feel useful or fulfilled in that situation, you lose awareness of where you are and begin to feel empty and without.

You must know what you need to get what you want. If a relationship is not giving you what you need, it is only because you have not asked for what you want. Perhaps you expect others to know what you need. How can that be? You have not allowed even you to know what you need. You are not taking responsibility for your own joy or happiness. That is why you come into crisis.

If you do not take care of your needs and wants, the flower will never grow to fullness. That means you must also feed your root—your soul. When you do that, you begin to take responsibility for you and your life.

In short--

  • To reduce crisis in your life, ask for what you feel you want and need.

  • Discover what it is in you that still feels empty.

  • Look at the repeated patterns—worries, fears, etc. that takes away from your life.

  • Ask, ‘What part of my life is not being fed?

When you do that, you open the path to a happier, more fulfilled life.

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