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Being Kind To You

When man looks into the mirror, he sees a face he does not like. Many of you would change all of you if you could take a face that no longer belongs to you...that’s never belonged to you. No matter how much you try, you cannot take the face of the person sitting next to you and make it yours. It would never fit you. It would never be you.

--The Guides

Have you ever noticed what happens to you when you are really ugly to yourself? Your body begins to break down. You begin to feel frail and show your age. Life's hardships begin to show on you.


When you are kind to yourself, you live to be old  and alive in your heart. Kindness is truth and appreciation toward yourself. If you want to live correctly, you have to know how to speak kindly to you.   You learn how to love by speaking kindly of yourself. You learn to live by believing in you. To be kind is to know how to trust yourself. To be kind is to learn to appreciate the robe of life you have chosen to wear.


Being kind to yourself takes determination. There are many steps you can take to live kind in your world.


Step 1: Be True To You

Believe in you. Trust in you. Be true to who you are.


Step 2: Recognizing Wisdom

Wisdom is lived only when you live in your heart. It is there where you will find your gut instincts. It is there where you will begin to understand the mysteries of whom you you were to understand what you can become. That's because you cannot become a more perfect you until you unravel all your secrets. That takes determination to be kind to you!


Step 3: Humility 

Humility is not sadness. Humility is freedom. When you are free, you can be humble.


Step 4: Comprehension 

There are many colors in which you can live. Unless you understand the joy in you and the need for you, you will never be kind to yourself. In order to walk toward you, you must learn to bend for you.


Step 5: Choice

Always give yourself choice. Things are hard when you do not feel you do not have a choice. When you are lost in yourself, it is only because you are  forced into a journey you do not want to take. When you are not give a choice, you are unable to believe in your own authority. Seek choice in all you do, for it will help you work out of the confinements and pain by recognizing that you do have a choice.


Step 6: Acceptance 

Open your hands to receive. Open your heart to know you.

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