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The Benefit of Prosperity

The Guides have their own way of defining prosperity. They see it this way:

Prosperity is nothing more than having the security in life that man seeks. It is the wand that gives magic to his world, but it is also the demon that can destroy him. What man must seek is to have fruitfulness in his life…and that does not always mean prosperity.”

To have more prosperity, believe you can have it. Be constructive in your attitude toward you.  See the climate you live in.  Know what is missing in you--the part of you that does not feel fruitful or is out of balance. The goal is to look at you without feeling conflict and understand how you can move forward into fruitful new journeys.


According to The Guides, you shouldn’t “over-create your own worth.” Before you came into this life, The Guides say you chose the kind of family you would be in. Some chose families that would provide substance to create the life needed to prosper. Others chose families without the resources needed for greater abundance in life.


Why is it, then, that man can create prosperity, but he cannot create the purpose of it? To find the reason why you need the resource, you have know the benefit of it long before you reach for it. You have to create an outline of what you want to accomplish with the resources you seek.


If you cannot have fun with your resources, you will only work with them-- never having the joy that comes from them. Eventually, you will lose control of your money and no longer love what you have. Suddenly, money becomes your enemy, and not something that you keep.


For those who were taught the importance of the resources you have, you learned that you have the ability to create. For those who grew up in a family with financial hardships, you grew to understand the burden of having, and not having. That creates guilt that is difficult to balance with the prosperity you seek. Know that you will never have the abundance you seek until you believe you are worthy of having it.


To be worthy of being prosperous, you must first eliminate fear. Choose what you seek to have and why you seek to have  it. A good way to do that is to look at the things in life you feel you do not own… the things you feel are not a part of the journey you want for you. If you find yourself feeling lost and without, it is because you have no plan, no goal to reach, so, make a plan. Set a goal to reach. This will give roots to the resources you seek.

Having a resource in life that is full and fruitful is the same as growing from a child to an adult. As a child, you knew from the time you drew your first breath that your goal would be to grow to become an adult. Even when it pertained to health, you have always been sensitive to what it is around you that is best for you and what is not best for you.


Many of you do not have the resources in life you feel you need, simply because you have no goal, no need for one. To create prosperity, start with your daily life. Begin to understand why you feel the need for more in your life today. Every day, create less fear of accumulating. Become less connected to the past by working on the memories that bind you and keep you from feeling free from your past.


You can carry debt that has nothing to do with monetary resources. It can be in the form of pain and suffering. That kind of debt is called guilt. A lot of people do not want to be more than what they were; yet, they constantly stumble with the choices and demands they place upon themselves. That is because they have been afraid of not having what they need or want. They end up feeling guilty at how they feel about themselves.


Perhaps you have been robbed in life, simply because you have no goal, no need to have more. Change that attitude. Do not look at your past to create your future. To have prosperity, learn to wipe away the debt of thought more than that of finance. The Guides say that is “the importance of creating prosperity upon your earth.”


There are four tools to use to create a prosperous life. (I have shortened their explanation in another teaching, but here is the longer explanation.)


The first tool is thinking of your life as though you are five years old, eager, wanting to learn. You see your money as something that is playful and not a burden you carry.


The second tool is eliminating all fears and dread from your past. Look at what creates self-doubt, then confront it. That will create substance. If you do not know how to have more, learn by applying the lessons in life as you would in all other ways. Be around those whom you admire. Study those who have been successful. Allow each and every person in your life to guide and lead you…to become your teacher. Being a ready student is important to create abundance.

The third tool is never throwing away what you don’t have. Do you dismiss a lot of things and discard them before you have even handled them? Do you look at something and believe it is not yours to have, or it is not grand enough, so you ignore it? Each and every day, there are opportunities that will create a bonus for you. EVERY DAY! It is your job to look for those things that add substance and pleasure to your life. Don’t throw away what you don’t have. Everything is yours to keep. Every word that someone else speaks, every truth that someone else teaches, every path that someone else follows is yours to have, if you will only hold onto it by paying attention to it. 


The fourth tool is building a foundation. Always envision yourself as having the want and the desire for more. When you feel guilty for desiring, you lose. Have a plan. Set a goal. Regardless of how many times you are knocked down, do not allow “the blood on your knees” to stop you. Let it encourage you.


  • Know the journey you are on.

  • The more enthusiasm, desire, and hope you have, the more you will gain.

  • To have a plan, you need a purpose.

  • Give to you what you need, or you will not be able to give to others.


These are the guiding tools that teach you how to be fruitful in your world.


A final note from The Guides:

Money is not a burden.  It is a play object that gives to man something to gain while on earth. It is not life. It is only a substance while in life. It is fuel. Without it, there is no road to follow.


Look at money as the bones within your body. It gives support and strength. It is not something to be feared, but something to be embraced. It only becomes your enemy when it controls your life…

So don’t let it.

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