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Getting "Caught Up In Nothing"

Seeing Things in "Seasons"


Do you want to have a purpose to everything you do? 

When you pay attention to life going on around you, think of it in terms of “seasons.”


The Guides say they can see "the dewdrops" on our thoughts.

They call it “fall” when we allow our emotions to control our thoughts.

They call it "winter" when we freeze up and won't bend to accept situations or new ideas in our lives.

They  see it as "spring" when we are carefree...when we allow others to control our lives by their thoughts and their actions toward us. 


As a spiritual being, it’s important to understand the true beauty in how you think, the way it encompasses you, and how it  influences the direction you choose as an individual.


When The Guides chose this lesson, they said they wanted to teach "the 'summer' of your being—the flexibility of your thought, the gentleness of the breeze of life, as well as the warmth that allows you to be flexible in your day-to-day moments. Like summer in the physical world--when you create "summer" in your thoughts, you lengthen each day to give you more time to live WHOLE."



How does this relate to being "caught up in nothing?"


When you are “caught up in nothing,” you limit your life.


When you live in the "fall" of your thoughts and become so emotional about the hard decisions, situations and circumstances you encounter, you miss summer--the soft, smooth way joy and peace ebbs and flows throughout your entire life. You become frozen--obsessed in the "winter" of your thoughts. You stand still and brood over bad experiences. 


Take unhappiness as an example. No one wants to be unhappy all the time. Why, then, to you allow parts of your past to continue to make you so unhappy?  Why are you "caught up in the nothingness" of how past relationships and situations hurt you? 


You even lose sight of the gift those hard times can bring.


That's right--those hardhips and sadnesses are there to keep you moving...and thinking. Life is not meant to paralyze you. It is here to enlighten you, so you can resolve today and continue forward into tomorrow.  


When you are “caught up in nothing,” you have no reason to belong in your own life. You give away your choices. You do not feel life’s worth, because you only focus on the nuisances it offers you. The Guides use this analogy:


"When you are given a choice on a hot day to stand in the sun or in the shade, which do you choose? Most people choose the shade. That is important to you only if you are overheated; otherwise, you stand in the sunlight to warm and feed you. Shade gives you nothing but comfort. The light feeds you vitamins and nutrients for your physical body. Spiritually, it gives you a different perspective on the circumstances in life that are all around you.


Light creates life. Shade creates slumber. Understand the importance of living in the light, as well as the need for darkness. When you become “caught up in nothing,” you are living under a tree. You are living in shade. That’s not necessarily wrong. It only means you are cheating yourself by not allowing your life to flow in a bigger, better way.



To make the most of today, understand the purpose of this day.


What is the overall view…the enlightenment given to you today? You exist in this day, so there is a purpose for you to be here.

If you believe that you can flow through life and life will take care of you, you're wrong. Life will never do that.

That is living in the shade.


Experience life tomorrow by setting your future in today. You do that by shifting out of "idle" and getting involved in your life. Know who and what can help shade you when you need some relief from things that are troubling you, as well as who and what is there to feed and nourish you. 


When you understand the purpose of why you are here today, you will begin living with a plan for the future. You will have found the seeds that will help your life grow. If you miss today and its purpose, you are living in the dark. Tomorrow’s light will lessen, until suddenly, there is no reason for you to belong. You will live in turmoil, not in abundance. You will live without purpose.


Being “caught up in nothing” means nothing more than living in the shade too long. Every soul must seek light, understanding, knowledge and a purpose. Every soul needs the shade for a while, until it's time to step back into the light that feeds you.


How do you know when it's time? 


You will know when to step back into the sun--get moving forward in your life-- when you realize that sitting in the shade isn't meeting your life’s purpose. You will know when you realize you are trying to go in one direction and the universe is pulling you in another. 


In order to find your purpose for today, know:


what your sacrifice is--what you have to give up to meet the needs of others

what is special about you this day--how you act, what you give or share with others

the gift that is given to you--the things or events that show you how special you are


There are no wrong directions.


When you go out into tomorrow, you have to feel prepared and cared for. When you are rushed or limited in how you view you, you have nothing around you that feels safe. 


The truth is...You can sit still for lifetimes. That's your choice. 

Each situation has a role to play in your life. It's finding the balance between taking a break and moving forward in your life that will bring you peace.


When you are caught up in yesterday’s issues and last year’s thoughts, you have not finished what you began. As a result, you are constantly being put into situations that seem like  the "same song...second verse."


To step out of the shade, acknowledge the little things that keep you repeating the same patterns. 

Deal with them, then become involved in today so you can prepare for tomorrow.






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