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Change Your Life For The Better

You can make your life better TODAY.


Do you live your life feeling "dumped upon?"

Are you just existing?


If that’s the case, you have lost sight of honoring you and receiving what is there for you to have. Like attracts like. If you obsess over the negative things in life, it’s an effort just to stay motivated and win.


To change your life for the better, you have to receive life from those people and opportunities that fertilize you and encourage you to understand what you truly need. To do that, change the memories you look at. Instead of looking at gloomy ones that took your sunshine and brought you down a stormy path, think of brighter people and situations--the ones who held out a hand to lead you away from difficult battles.


The Guides teach that every day offers you a purpose...a direction to feed the part of you starving for light. Look for the sunshine that will warm and enlighten you. 



Find that one person who is living full of hope and desire. Gravitate toward that person. Put him or her in your thoughts. Follow him, for he is guiding you. It can be someone you do not even know, but someone you admire.  Look at that person and believe you will win today’s battle by pushing forward, getting through it, knowing there is victory waiting for you on the other side.



Fill up one part of today with encouragement, laughter and heartfelt gratitude for being left in life one more day. 

That is how you change your life for the better.


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