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Past and current clients have submitted the following testimonials. If you would like to share or have any thoughts or comments on the work of Mary Jo McCabe, please contact us.

"All three of us were just in amazement that night..."

I recently went to the John Edward Seminar in Long Island where you signed my book. I was amazed at the message you gave me. You wrote, "In 2003 my truth was revealed. Now see it through." This has been on my mind ever since that night. I went there with two friends. One also obtained a message. The other one did not buy the book because it was sold out; however, all three of us were just in amazement that night. You are a very gifted person and I personally look forward to having a reading from you and for you to teach me to be more successful in life, from the personal to the professional. I feel in life people come to you for a reason and I hope our paths will cross again. .

"I noticed Mary Jo had such clarity as she spoke..."

I would love to have a reading and possibly participate in an upcoming retreat and/or seminar. I saw Mary Jo at a Whole Life Expo sometime in the early 1990's. I still marvel at the experience; as I sat in the audience listening with great interest, receiving the validation I was searching for following the death of my only child (greatest teacher and friend), I sat transfixed wondering if there might be something wrong with my vision for a moment ... as I listened to the information Mary Jo shared regarding translating symbols and interpreting other information as shared by guides and loved ones who have gone on before us... I noticed that Mary Jo had such clarity as she spoke, that I could actually see through the right half of her body (as she spoke to us from the platform). Mary Jo's vibration was so high and so incredibly clear that I was made keenly aware of our own Divine Nature and the gifts shared by our angels, guides and "teachers" who dare to blaze the trail to be of service to others. To this day, even with all of the other wonderful experiences that I have had over the years, noting the incredible clarity of not just the message, but the messenger. I have recently been thinking about having a reading to gain a clear perspective and provide some validation regarding my path and discover why I struggle with releasing the remaining resistance that keeps me from moving forward... and within days... one of my more recent bereavement clients mentioned that they had just had a wonderful reading with a woman named "Mary Jo". I knew that "Mary Jo" had to be the same woman that I had been blessed with hearing and sharing her gifts and insights so many years ago.

"The daily messages have been so profound..."

Just gotta tell ya... the (Insider's Club) daily messages have been so PROFOUND... look forward to them every morning and I am always amazed!!!!!!!


Thank you... thank you... thank you...

"You have enabled me to reach a clarity..."

Mary Jo, your ability to find the truth that a person needs to hear is amazing. You have enabled me to reach a clarity that I had been searching for and to move forward with decisions that have a deep impact on my life. Mary Jo, thank you so much for your gifts and your willingness to share them to help with decisions that are both life directing and heart lifting. Bless you. 

"You gave me the direction to just hold his hands..."

I never had a chance to thank you for helping me with my father. You have always been my angel and have always guided me in my life. I took care of my father for over two years, seeing him get better and also seeing him decline. One day I called you to get some direction as to what I could do for him. Before I said anything, you knew his condition. You gave me the direction to just hold his hands. I also knew in the core of my being that to help my father, I had to be there for him. This was the hardest decision of my life.


I helped my father and nursed him back to recovery. My father's body began giving up after two years of tug of war. During this time, I held my father, holding his hand, hugging him, and letting him know that I loved him. Right before he left this world he gave me a gift. He had the biggest smile on his face. That was a miracle in itself because he couldn't move or even smile because his body was in such a state upon his death. I thank God for this miracle, and more importantly I thank you, Mary Jo, for giving me the extra push when I needed it.Mary Jo, your insight has always helped me.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? 

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