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Confronting Death

When man finds life to be painful and lonely, he often uses his thoughts to explore the emotions of his life. It is through his emotions, however, that he learns to conquer the part of him that feels lost.


That is beginning of his journey of death.

                                                                                                             --The Guides

There are many deaths in life. Death doesn’t always mean taking your last breath. You can be dead in your heart when you feel your soul has been blistered or betrayed by things happening in your life.


You can feel dead when you no longer feel the need for a future, as thought the cross you carry is heavier and harder than what you want to bear.


You confront death many times in your daily life. From the passing of one day to another, you experience a form of death.  It’s important to understand the value of all the losses you experience. Those heartaches you experience can sometimes bring you back into the moments that have felt lost…moments when you feel you died long before taking your last breath.


How do you confront death in life and learn to live with the emotions it stirs within you? According to The Guides, experiencing a physical death means nothing more than turning the page to rad another chapter. You have many chapters in your life, so learn to recognize the ones you have already read. Every day brings you a greater “welcoming of death” in the journey ahead of you. By the time you leave this earth, you are well prepared for the journey of death to come—even if you are young when you die.


You are born in to life to experience it. Through that experience you find death. That is the whole purpose of living—to be able to close the chapters of your past and realize the lessons you learned.


Many of us wonder about the lives we have lived. According to The Guides, we have all experienced many deaths. What’s important is to recognize that it is noting more than closing of your mind to one direction and opening it to new ideas, faces, and a part of you that has been buried from you.


To confront all forms of death or closures in life, learn to be humbled by them. See them as blessings, even though they can create much heartache in your life. Remember that in death, there is always a beginning. If you look past the moment and see the joys that came from the ending—your reawakening—you can see death as something that is not painful, but something that is truly embraced. The Guides say,


“If I were to stand in the physical world again, I would have no interest in living life. I would welcome my death, only because life in the spirit world is so much more at peace with more freedom than on earth.


Because life means so much to you, you spend so much time trying to survive the loss of life…trying to keep death from entering your world too quickly, often losing the puzzle that has been put together for you long before coming into this life.”

When you allow the puzzle pieces to scatter, nothing in your life makes sense. Nothing fits the way it should. That creates heartache and sometimes suicide, because you have not interest or knowledge of how to put the puzzle pieces back together.


You know the gifts of life:

Remove hate from your heart.

Have no regrets in spirit.

Have purpose in your life.


That is the beginning of putting the puzzle back together to make sense out of life.


Ask, “What is the purpose of my life this day? What is the purpose of each person in it? What is the gain to come from my life this day?” You will begin to see the role you play in your own reality, but first, you must understand the purpose of an event as it is being lived before you will ever be able to solve the puzzle of death. You will begin to see that life is truly creative…that all the pieces that make up you fit together and bring a oneness to what you call “the closure” of death.


Confront death by knowing that it’s putting all the pieces of life together and making them count as one. Everything in your life is a stepping stone to help you confront the last part of your life here on earth.  The Guides say,


“To cross from this world into our world is nothing more than butter that tastes sweet. But the longing of those we bless always brings us pain and a need to resurrect the spirit in you that has been worn.


Even though you are dead in our world (as man would see it), in your world you are now coming alive. Because of the memory of those who have died—the memories of their past and the spirit of those they left behind—life springs back into you and connects you to the part of them that once lived.


That is why, dear ones, it is so important that we pray for those who have left your world, recognize their value in our hearts, and look at them as a spirit that is part of us. That allows them to keep the memory of who they once were and still are on earth alive in their hearts…and that, my dear ones, brings to all of you the peace of life that helps you to continue.”


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