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When you choose a companion, recognize his or her worth from the beginning of the partnership. It can make you feel brand new, but it can also give you extra baggage to carry, as well as a permanency in knowing the true you. Faithful relationships are there for balance. They calm that part within you that needs to be blessed and smoothed.


When a relationship becomes destructive, it tears away at you in all “essences.” It’s like a saucer to your cup that’s no longer steady. Companion relationships are the most intense, because you have invited someone into your emotional world. That means you carry them with you at all times. They become a part of you. They share your life, and sometimes they do not carry the warmth and desire you felt you needed or wanted going into the partnership.


The Guides say--


 “Man begins to put holes in his companionships almost immediately, looking more for their faults than their gains, because it is the fault in them that always stands brightly in front of you. If you concentrate on that weakness in them, you will indeed recognize THAT to be YOUR strength. Because of that, you have lived it as one, and you have created a permanency in owning you and who you are—more importantly, what you are.”

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