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Create a New Life

The Guides call creating a different life, “creating new feet on your legs.” That’s a good way to look at it. After all, feet are what hold you up—what keep you erect and moving forward.


If you want to move forward in life, remember these steps:


You must understand your importance. That’s the only way you’ll be able to hear your own internal voice. That voice is the key to your success.


That success comes from YOU and no one else. Success, in its true nature, forces you to quit carrying the heavy burdens and hardships of your past and propels you toward a future for both your heart and your mind.


To change any part of your life, you must pay attention to it, so…

Look at your life today, and recognize your worth in it.

Understand the value of the actual day.

Know how to color it.

Bring life to it.

Bury those aspects of it you no longer need in your future.


Then take one more glance behind you and wave “Goodbye!” to that empty black plastic bag blowing away in the wind.



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