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Enduring Life's Trappings

There are a lot of trappings in life. That’s because things are much harder for you when you do not own up to the choices you have made. It becomes even more difficult when you become impatient with how you are thinking. You become overwhelmed with other people’s crises, simply because you believe you should.


The Trappings of The Past     

It is necessary to deal with other people’s egos. It is not necessary to deal with issues from the past. When you wallow in that part of you, you lose sight of treasures waiting for you in today. When you stay too long in one spot, you only remember those heartaches. You do not remember the treasures that were given to you there. That becomes a “trapping.” Suddenly, you create blocks ahead of you. You are unable to clear your journey in life that is yet to be lived. You find yourself muscled by your past--wanting desperately to recreate it and feel its safety.


“Needing” vs. “Wanting”

What you want, you believe you need. The truth, however, is the exact opposite. Your needs have nothing to do with your wants. Those wants become so monumental to you, they force you into struggles you do not need. When looking at what you need, understand what you would like to want. You then have your priorities straight in choosing your path.

To begin untangling your life, look at why you need to face your need for that tangle—and why you need the tangles gone. Life can be difficult when you believe the trappings of life are there to find gains from them. It is the other way around. The gains you are given sometimes become trappings in the way you think. Understand what purpose you thought it served you, so you can no longer be attached to it.


Another way to overcome trappings is to create a prayerful state. Know that what you want is not always what you need, but what you need helps you set a brace, a focus for wants that are reachable and good for you. Take time to think, meditate and pray about your needs so you will remove the trappings in your life that come from misplaced wants.


When you learn to look at life, you are able to digest it from a place of honesty. When you are truthful with yourself, you have no shame to show to anyone, not even you. You can live without barriers, because you know the truth, value and honor in it.


Many believe that in order to “have,” you must set the path you want. That is true, but you must also live the life you are in at this moment. When you focus so hard to reach your goals, you never allow the goal to be built. When you are still reaching for more and never seem pleased with life today, you are never happy with life, because you are still reaching for a goal that is unattainable to you. As The Guides so artfully put it, “The legs on which you walk on this day have no longer provided you feet that will take you to the goals you set so hard and so long ago.”


In summary:

To endure life’s trappings…

  • Look at your life and determine what brings honor, truth and value to it. Keep your mind clear of the clutter of the past. This will help keep you from only being in your “wants” and not your “needs.”

  • Learn to be no secret to yourself. Recognize that goals are needed, but today is more important. It is a need, not a want.

  • Understand what it takes to have energy today.

  • Recognize what feeds your dread and makes you feel old, then nourish you and recreate a page in life’s book that will entertain you.


Be gentle in your heart and firm in your mind.

In doing those things, you will heal you and bring honor to you.

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