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Strengthen Your Intuitive Voice



How correct is your inner voice?  This is a most important step, since you must learn to trust what you receive. Don’t feel you must always correctly interpret the message. You can’t be right 100 percent of the time. When you put too much pressure on yourself to be correct, you block your intuitive powers. Keep your thoughts as uncomplicated as possible, so you will not confuse your guides. Don’t read more into the tools than what is there. Take small steps.

The following exercises are simple and fun. Your answers will express what your soul is experiencing at this time in your life, but it is important to use these exercises as often as possible. Practice makes perfect. Just as it takes time to learn to be a dancer, it takes time to learn to listen. Remember that your answers will change as you change.


Read through them one at a time. Close your eyes and silently repeat the question. Accept the very first word, sign, or symbol that comes to mind--whether or not you think your answer is the correct one. Don’t over analyze why you saw what you saw, or why you thought what you thought. Just write down your answer. Do this for each exercise. Then check the following section for the interpretations. (I have done it this way to make sure that your answers are not influenced by what you think they should be.)


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