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Finding Peace in Your World

As you live your life, do not look outside of you to find the best path for you. You create your own path.


There is no golden wand that creates the path you seek. You must live your life by being involved and dedicated to it.

Every person lives their path differently in order to balance their physical life with their spiritual life.

To create the best path, you must discover what your truth is.

To know what your truth is, you do not have to look beyond who you are today. Simply live in the moment, for it will show you your truth, your value.



The more complicated your life becomes, the more difficult it is for you to focus on how well you are doing.


There are no guidelines to bring you your best life--no direction that will bring the gains you seek. Each soul’s journey is difficult. Find your way through it by living simply. Know what your economic boundaries are. Realize what your physical life requires of you.  It's true. You are living a spiritual life, but your soul's journey is not successful without living a physical life as well. You came into this life to function and taste the physical rewards. You also came here to learn patience…to see the apples on the tree and not pick them until they are juicy and ripe.


Your test?  


Knowing when the apple is sweet enough to pick.


Identify the goals you seek at this moment. Perhaps you are seaching to reach goal you think you should follow—one you set for yourself a long time ago. It could be that you no longer want that same goal.


Embrace the reality that life creates a different page for you to experience all the time. You are not forced to read from just one page in the Book of Life. You can flip through it and choose any page you are drawn to read to reach your goal. There is no certain path you must follow or immediately take care of. You are the creator of your own world. You must decide when your goal is reached--when the apple is sweet enough to bite into. 


However, if the apple is sour,  you have yet to reach your goal. Goals are not always easy to reach.


Following any golden path is difficult if you live it by strict routines, so give yourself a break and change your goals if you want to. 

You make the choice as to what is best for you.

You make the choice when to pick the apple to see if it is sweet.



Many souls come to experience more than others.


To find your path today in reaching your goals and facing the life that is best for you, wake up to the reality you are living. Know what brings pleasure and joy to you. Be still long enough to know your thoughts and feelings in all situations.  Notice if you are focused or not focused in the moment. Notice when you are sad or angry...or enthusiastic and charmed in the glory of the moment.



You are the one to determine what is sweet and not sweet to you.


Is the path you’re on this day crumbling with hardships and overwhelming worries, or is your life blessed?

Other people's journeys may seem more pleasurable than the one you are on. Perhaps in this life, you struggle with choices given to you, choices you’ve made, and directions you seek. Then you look at someone else and see that they feel “fatter” and more privileged. Some people have better lives than others, due to where they currently are on their path of development.

It is all in the way you individually seek life as a spiritual being. In the spiritual world, you won't identify a life of luxury or a life of poverty and despair. You will not see it the same way as you do on a physical level.  What you will see in the spiritual world is the determination and the faith to help you overcome the hardships and worries.



If you live with an attitude of confusion, confusion is what you will create in the physical world. If you live with an attitude of peace, peace will surround you. Choose the attitude you want to adopt—the life that is best for you as a spiritual being, then allow the physical side of you to find peace and to find balance in it.



Start your journey in peace.

Realize the joy within you.

Acknowledge the sacrifice you make today and bring forth you in all you do.

Be attentive to the moment, and you will feel privileged in living this day.


This is how to find peace in your world.

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