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Exercise--The First Letter of Your Name

The first letter in your name tells you the lesson
you are learning in this life.

A--Taking control of your life

B--Make sure you don’t carry things on your back.

C--You don’t like to finish what you start.

D--You are always covering up the past...and put deadlines on you.

E--Someone has to need you.

F--You are confrontational.

G--You want everyone to like you.

H--Learn about money in life and make good choices.

I--You cannot be self-centered.

J--You put closures on you when you don’t need to.

K--You must see both sides of situation. You want ot keep your head and heart in balance.

L-- You prop people up. Encourage and promote them.

M--You work everything to death (overanalyze).

N--Open yourself up more.

O--Make quick conclusions. Your opinion is wanted.

P--Balance is your key learning (bull in china shop).

Q--You are positioned in power, but you chase in circles.

R--You approve of you. You like you.

S--You hate making choices. Be quiet.

T--Everyone wants a piece of you. Grieving is a big lesson fo ryou.

U--Let go.

V--You can overcome anything. 

​W--Be involved in life. Don’t hide out. Be there for others.

X--Don’t’ overpower others with your moody attitude.

Y--You never feel you achieve anything, but you do.

Z --Jack of all trades, master of none

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