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The Golden Wand

Spoiler Alert!


There is no golden wand.


I’m sorry to say…when it comes to creating the life you seek—Tinkerbell’s tool is a “no show.” The Guides say you have to live life with “performance and dedication.” You are the only person you can depend on to live life that way.

Here are a few other pointers they share:


  • Keep the ego in balance with the soul. Do that by living life your way and not someone else’s.

  • Remember-- your greatest performance occurs not in the future, but in this moment.

  • There are no guidelines to bring you into your best.

  • There is no direction to seeking fortunes that can be given you.

  • Again…you have to find your way through it yourself.

  • The best way to focus on your performance is to simplify your life.

  • Know your economic boundaries. You must seek shelter. You must function. You must taste the physical rewards, but don’t let them overtake you, or you will never achieve the joy that is best for you.

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