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How Color Affects Mood

Before you open your closet door this morning, take a moment to examine how you feel today. Are you sad? Angry? Focused? Feeling extra special?


Now…open the door and select what you are going to wear. Make sure, however, you pay attention to the color you’ve chosen. That’s because color can have an enormous effect in your dreams, as well as your waking life. If you would like to accentuate your good mood, select the color clothing or accessories that reflect it. If you want to change the mood you are in, a good way to start is to select a color that can comfort you and direct you toward a different frame of mind.

Here are my interpretations of some of the colors in our lives:

Blue – peaceful, focused, calm

Red – passionate, cautious, powerful, angry

Green – healing, growth

Yellow – analytical, logical

Gray – sorrowful, confused

Silver – wise

Pink – loving, nurturing

Brown – materialistic, grounding, mature

White – pure, spiritual

Purple – communicative, intense

Gold – regal, special

Black – the unknown, the past, depressed

Orange – larger than life  

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