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How to Live Simply

Each and every person tries to understand the inner makings of their own identity--what has created you to be who you are today…how to live alive in your world and yet not lose the boundaries of safety…how to keep yourself motivated to understand the seed from which you came.


Life has many faces to it. Even though you look hard to find the one that is you, you will never know the answer as long as you live away from the heaven that is inside of you. You can live like an old person by being practical. You can live youthful in your heart by being frivolous. The Guides say, however, that you must learn to “stand firm in your truths by being earnest.”


There are many paths in you can walk, but there’s only one trail to bring you home. You must live “Godly.”  You must know how to be reasonable in your mind and expansive in your heart.


The Guides say:

Perhaps you chose parents in this lifetime that would rob you of your life supports. Because of the way you were raised, you have little interest in you. That, my dear one, robbed you of life support. Because of that, you believe you must look outside of you to encourage you to learn how to believe in you, to learn how to give life to you. That takes away from you the journey that IS for you.


When man walks in directions that he falls, the lesson is not always to get up. The lesson is to learn how to stay down without feeling down on yourself, but to be kind and gentle with you and not overwhelm yourself with practicality or need, because that will limit you. 

There are many paths you can walk to create to live simply in your life. If you challenged yourself by everyone else’s life, you would never feel secure in yours. The Guides say we all came here to this earth to live holy. For that reason, you must be clear in the choices you make. If you the routines in your life you chose are not simple, you will overcomplicate your life. Addictions will follow. Irritations become mountains. You are not allowed to live; therefore, you have no spirit in you, no hope for you. You become sad, overwhelmed by crisis, and you lose you in the world of man.


There are no journeys in this world that are complicated. If they become complicated, it is because you are not living simply. More importantly, you are not being kind to you, because you are creating clutter. Many who were robbed of your life support believe that in order to be worthy in this earth, you have to challenge you by creating struggles all around you.


Here’s how The Guides describe struggle:

Struggle is when you are not able to make the choice, when you feel you are being led instead of leading yourself…when the world outside of you creates more pain for you than peace. Struggle is not having the right to make the choice. You are living without freedom. Any area of your life in which you do not feel free, where you are overly committed to whatever it is you do, is where you are living without choice. Life is leading you, instead of you leading life.


You came to this earth to experience life for you, not for someone else. Life is given to you to learn how to express you in a world of gain, Through difficulties in your health, through difficulties in your home, through difficulties in your emotions, you bury you. You lose you. It is hard for you to find you, if you are not living kindly toward you.


Begin to look at your life and identify where you are without choice, because you are not living simply. 

To live simply, The Guides say there are three uncomplicated things you must know:


The first step is to realize the moment you are in. The path you have chosen this day is the best for you, regardless of where you are. Believe it. It is the only way you will ever change your journey. No matter where you are or what difficulty you are encountering at this time, it is the best place for you. Once you adapt this idea, nothing in life robs you of living. You are awakened to the promise of life that was given to you long before entering into the world--that you can live free without bondage. And that life is for you to recuperate the loss of you from long ago.


The second step to living simply in your life is to "bury the bone." It is the only way you will ever face you.  The Guides explain this through a story:

Many moons ago, man was brought into your earth to learn how to live spiritually, to become an impact in the universe, to brighten the stars, to clear the moon, and the bring honor back into the worth of the journey of truth. Man lost that story--actually before it was ever completed and told. All of you are in life to complete the story, your story, for that creates the story line for the universe.


When the universe, God, decided that the story had not been complete, that man had detoured from the journey that was promised him, God stood away from him and said, “As you walk along life, I would encourage you to know where you stand in the moment, to have a life and secure your future. I would encourage you to know that regardless of how lost you become, you are always welcomed home. Knowing that will always lead you home. I would encourage you to leave droppings of you behind you, so that it will give you the energy to complete your journey home. I encourage you to BELIEVE IN YOU. If you do that, all the things I’ve already told you are no longer needed by you, for just believing in you brings you home to you, which is to Me.”


“Once you learn to believe in you and know there is a journey for you that is JUST FOR YOU, you will begin to take responsibility for you. You will begin to look at where your feet are standing and know there is a reason why you stand where you are--that there is a road that is worn that you fit into and it brings you home to Me.  But you have to learn to believe in you in order to find Me! If you are unable to do that, the journey of life will have no bearing on you. You will live as robots, seeking you outside of you. You will never find Me.


I encourage you to honor you. Look for the self-discipline that will encourage you, not dissuade you. I encourage you to look at every tree in bloom as a gift to you to feather the part of you that is robbed of the life you want in you. The leaves on the trees are life. They demonstrate that if you climb enough trees, you will get to the top and find you. There, you will see Me. I do not walk behind you. I walk beside you and in front of you, for that is where you will find you.”

The Guides say all of us are on that journey today. There are no challenges in life you have not already met. All you are doing on a physical life is living through them, not creating them. You created those challenges long before you came to this life. The burden of carrying them is heavy. If you will learn to live simply by first looking at where you are, you will no longer need life. It will need you. That is when you really begin to understand the reasons for you in God’s world.


The last step to living simply is to know that nothing ever ends. There is no finalization. No matter how hard you try to complete the task of living, it is impossible to reach. It is a task you will never accomplish.

You know what is yours when it encourages you and helps guide you back to you, back to God. Many of you wonder what life is like when life becomes fixed in the reality of openness, when man no longer is separate from God, but lives within God. You are already within God. The circumstances of living in whatever realm is only to awaken you to that truth.


You see, when man becomes aware, when he opens to that truth, there are no calendars. There are no dates. There are no failures. There are no successes. Life is lived for each other then, not just for you. You see that, to us, is heaven. When you lose yourself in the world of man and are not challenged by the “lostness” of you, that is peace. What you give to someone else is as important to you as it is to them. That is peace. There will come a day when all of you will reach that place. By living simply, you will live that truth. 


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