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How To Start Your Day

The Guides say:

You have to have hope to create and have the path you want to walk this day.


In the beginning of the day---

Project how you want the day to be. Do not project not how you want the day to end, but the beginning of each and every moment of the day. For you, there must never be endings, only beginnings. If you understand that, you will find the journey that gives you gain, not loss in your life.


If you are overwhelmed by the crisis that others live, remember that the only crisis any of you can work through is the one you own within you - never outside of you.


You must learn to project what you want each event in your day to be. Do it in small doses. “Between now and midday, this is what I expect the day to be.” 


Be in the day to project how you want the day to flow.


Learn this truth.

Know this value.

Realize the power in gaining it.



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