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Isolation and The Importance of Others

The Guides say:

Man has difficulty understanding the deeper core of him…but until he does, he will never find out who he truly is.

Look at your own journey to find you in everything you do.  That will help you feel free as a spirit living in a physical form. It will also bring a greater peace of mind to you about you.



If you want to find a greater fullness of yourself, there are some things you’ll need to avoid:



Do you think of yourself as unselfish? The Guides say that isn’t true. All humans are selfish. You must live to survive. It is hard when you do not know how to care for your needs. They have become bored with you, tired of you. When the pain in life becomes overwhelming, you have to find your way out of it--most of the time by yourself. That creates a “pridefulness” about you.


Pride takes away the course you seek to follow as a spiritual being. It does not mean you must not have pride in you and the things you value and have accomplished. Pride is a never-ending circle of truth about you, but when you find yourself motivated only because of feeling superior, you soon begin to lose touch with what truly is important to you.




It is hard when you have to find your way out of clutter, and no one else is there to help you. You might have put yourself in all that clutter, only to prove to yourself you need others in your life.


The Selfishness of Isolation

When you are afraid of being overwhelmed by others, you avoid them. The Guides say that is selfish. You have much to share about you with others; yet, you do not know how to do that, because you are so wrapped up in you, that you forget to be you in the company of others.


Find an example of what you would like to become by finding faces around you that inspire you. You will never be able to wear someone else’s shoes, because you have your own steps to fill. You can, however, find a comfortable fit in the path that others have walked--as long as you don’t lose contentment while making that walk.

The Guides say:

Just because someone takes time to build the platform, it doesn’t mean that once the platform is made, it’s created, it’s finished… that there’s not a place for you to stand on yet. You don’t always have to create the platform. You don’t always have to look for a platform on which to stand. Others around you have created that…perhaps for you!


You did not create this day, but this day was created for you to experience you while living life. And in this day, you have one spot that is precious to you. No one can walk in your shoes, but they can certainly follow the path that you have walked to find their imprint, their shoes.

The Importance of Others

You must have other people’s companionship to fulfill the goals you need as a spiritual being. Sometimes you become selfish in interacting with others. You are so afraid of losing you, that you lose sight of your own value in interacting with others. That’s when you lose you, because you’ve become selfish and remain alone in you.


You came here to learn how to share who you are. In doing that, you will learn all about you. If you stay hidden from yourself, you will never know you. Others give you the “map” of your own spirit, your own soul. Sometimes, you can confuse that with knowing you are here to learn to be individual in the core of who you are. That is true, but you still have to “look into the face of others” to find you. The Guides call them “fingers on your hands that help you grasp the greater part of you.”


You cannot wear someone else’s shoes or their spirit. You can, however, feel the impact of their spirit upon you. When you focus your glaze of light into someone else’s journey, you will eventually find fault with them and become disappointed in them. No one should follow someone else’s lead, because if you do, you will feel as though you’re living their world, not yours. You can still find where you sit while walking with them in life. Once you find that, no one can take it from you.


Touch your spirit through prayer and concentration—it is all focusing back into the self. It is like a “wall plug” in your hand--The energy that comes from it creates new life in you. Each and every face in the room is new life for you. It gives you energy to be a part of it. If man stands in a circle of others, de doesn’t feel alone. It is also true that you stand alone for you. He knows he’s alone, therefore he feels alone. You find God in the face of others. You find truth in the value of your life.  Your purpose for you in this life is to understand you. If you choose to become less social in your life, you will eventually lose you, because you have become too selfish in sharing you.

The Guides say:

It takes all of you to create your life for you. Every one of you needs the support of others’ arms. In looking at the face of others around you, be open-minded with them. Be gentle with them. Share yourself with them by knowing the lesson they show you about you. 

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