How To Keep Your Feet Forward

"Keep your feet facing forward," is The Guides' descriptive way of reminding us all to be in today with our direction toward tomorrow--not always looking back at the past.


Here’s a spiritual “cheat sheet” to live by:


  • In order to believe in the journey you have been promised, understand who you are.  You do that by being truthful to you about you.

  • Remember: Hope creates greater advantage. Despair creates less for you.

  • Train yourself to be the best in attitude, truthfulness, and using your fears as tools to help you dig inside to uncover the gold within you.

  • When you’re mentally stressed, you become confused.

  • When you’re emotionally stretched, you lose the boundaries that make you feel safe.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with anxieties.

  • When you lose yourself in “just you,” you will feel alone as a result.

  • Focus on joy, not gloom.

  • Realize the power of acceptance.

  • Know that every battle will eventually be won.

  • Look to little children to see the way to live. There is pleasure in simplicity.

  • Relish sunsets. Use them to reflect on what you accomplished today and to see how far you have come.

  • The outside world is in chaos. Trying to find answers there can be frustrating. That’s because there are none outside of you---only maps to follow to go back into your past, your cocoon where you feel familiar and safe.

  • Finally…No matter how hard the path is, the road is there to help you build character to become a better person.

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