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Letting Go

"When you are delivered a message, it is hard to open the mailbox and receive it, even though you know within the box there is something special for you. That's because you leave yourself open to the past filled with doubts, and you forget the importance of knowing you are being led through the rest of your life." --The Guides

Those are important words.


You came into this life to learn to be who you are and to understand what you want and need out of you spiritually. You also deal with doubts and concerns. Those doubts can push you off your path. The key is learning to let go of them, so you can find freedom within you.



There are many ways to let go of yesterday.

The first way is to seek understanding--understanding why the pain was there to begin with. When you understand why you had to experience the past pain and sadness in your life, you create a foundation around you--a strong, secure way of thinking that helps you believe in you. It helps you see what is unique about you.


The second step is to "think through the clutter." The Guides say we become so focused on what we think life must be, that we forget to see what it actually is.  Learn...then use your logic. As humans, we are afraid of our thoughts. We must learn to control what we think of ourselves and what we think we can become, so we can find success.


The third step is to take each day as it comes. Build your future in this day. Here's another analogy from The Guides:


Think of your day as the house that surrounds you. Be aware of the furniture in your life. Those are the things you can rest or sit on. Decorate your house with the accents in your life. 

The way I interpret it is...

Draperies add closure.

Doors bring opportunities.

Door knobs open you to a different side of you that challenges you. They force you to confront you and teach you about you.

Even closets have meaning. They hinder you, because there is a part of you that you avoid seeing...and sharing. After all, few of us open our closets to outsiders.


If you start to look at each day as a house that must be furnished and decorated, you begin to pay attention to the things about the day that support you and feed you, as well as what hinders you.



When you let go of yesterday, you learn to see the treasure of it-- regardless of the crisis in it.


Let's reflect on that for a moment.


There are times in your heart when you have felt misled. You cannot always overlook other people's character. To let go of things in life that no longer have value to you, look at what you want and need out of life that you no longer have.

How do you do that?


Look at each person in your life who brought joy to you. Now think about those who hurt you or took away something from you. See them all as having a major impact in your life, as people you want to keep in your life and not push out of it. When you begin to truly see the gift of a situation or a person--whether positive or negative-- you truly learn to let go of the burden it carries with it. 


Think of a difficult time in your life when you felt you made a bad choice, or a situation didn't turn out the way you thought it should. Deep inside, you knew the real choice that was best for you, but you were still free to make the choice that you believed was right for you at that time, regardless of the outcome. The gift of those difficult times is the treasure of experiencing the lessons that came from it along the way. 


"Do overs" aren't so great after all...


What would it be like to go back in time and revisit a situation—not because it was joyful, but because you feel you did not handle yourself well? 

It might be easy for you...or you might be blinded by it, because you are looking at the situation to figure out the solution.

The fact has nothing to do with what is outside of you. It has to do with how you handle you. 

Acknowledge how you handled the situation. Allow yourself to feel the emotions...then let go of any anger or disappointment.

A word of warning--This is a process that has to be revisited many times before you will allow yourself to let go.


Take the time to study the moment and understand the gift and blessing of it.

You are never forsaken, even though you believe at times you are.

You are never burdened, unless you try to carry the load alone.

You are never afraid, unless you feel you should be.

You will never be ashamed if you are loyal to you. 


Isn't it time to "let go?"


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