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Live Free

NOTE: The Guides gave this wonderful teaching back in 2004. I have laid it out in a way that presents the entire teaching in their words, but in a more easy-to-understand format.

From The Guides:


When you walk into the forest, you are able to see the beauty of the colors, as well as the denseness of the clutter. You are able to see so many parts of the forest you have never seen before.


When you are able to”live free” in life, you are able to have a life. You are no longer amused by life’s destructions, but by its beauty. You allow yourself to live openly in what you seek. You no longer criticize you, because you find the uniform you are now wearing fits.  It no longer rubs you wrong or keep you from enjoying who you are.


You can confuse your life with the demands placed upon you by society. Perhaps you make excuses about the “why’s” of your world. Perhaps you do not understand how to create a better life, a journey of hope. Hope comes from the heart. To have hope means to have faith. Having light means bringing truth to you. When you look at yourself and understand who you truly are, you can understand the mastering of your own choices.


When you look so long in the sun, you are blinded by its light. When you look at so many other people around you and ignore what their presence in your life represents to you about you, you are blinded by their light. You are not living in your light. You are living in their promise and hopes and have none for you.


There are truths around you that you must learn to see. There are needs above you that you must reach for. There are no paths that you have not walked. There are no journeys that you have not taken. All the transitions in life “experience death” to bring new life to you. Those transitions are brought to you to heal you and recreate a new journey out of life for you.

Think of it this way--

When you live in regret, you don’t know how to live in hope.

When you constantly change your “face,” you don’t know how to be yourself. When you do not have freedom, you do not know how to love.

When you are always against you, you do not know how to be.

When nothing in your life works, you do not know not how to please.


Man knows not how to see, when his heart is broken.

Man knows not how to touch, when his words are stifled.

Man knows not how to live, when he has lost hope.

Man knows not how to wound ,when his heart has been broken.

Man knows not how to give, when he has nothing and knows not how to receive. 


How, then, do you choose to live life? Why is it important for you to understand you? Long before you chose this earth, you created a script. It is your responsibility to put the periods at the end of the sentences and bring closure to each experience, each lesson. You have the choice to write the script whatever way you want. You were given full authority over your life while writing that script, just as you have now, while living your life. For that reason, you must learn to accept all of you to find your purpose.


Many of you lose yourself in people’s lives, because it is the way to feel good about you. It is also the way you will be used up by you.


All of you know your truth, and each of you knows how to live openly and freely.

There are many things you must understand to live free: 

Look not at another’s mystery and allow that to be your mystery.

Sit on your hands.

Use your logic.

Feed youself first.

Cry when your heart is broken.


Admit what you know.

You cannot deny your truth, your values.

Let go of the outcome.

Experience the moment.

Be humble.

Know peace by being still, by being comfortable with aloneness.

Know what it is to deprive yourself.

Know what it is to be full of yourself.

Stretch the mask you wear to remove all the wrinkles that hide you.


Know your source in every part of your life--the source of your health, your truth, your money, your nourishment, your relationships. Understand the root or “why” of them.

Learn to fish in life. Trust and know that when you throw our your line, it matters not if you catch a fish. That is trust.


Hear without hearing.

Believe what you see.

Know what you believe.

To live long, change your footsteps often.

Never let your life become idle.

Lastly, you must be honest. You must be honest.


Listen to and understand our words, then take both responsibility and control of your actions and reactions in your life. This will bring truth into your hearts and a sharpening of your wit.

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