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Living In The Present

You’ve got some choices to make.


You are the one who decides what’s most important for you: what has already been, your life today or building your future.


You will never find complete peace with your past, because it will always have spaces that feel empty. You can’t change it, so accept it, put it in its place and move forward.


Trying to find peace in your future will not satisfy you either. It will only create concern. You will want to overprotect it, conquer it and constantly grab at it without securely holding on to it. That’s because tomorrow is yet to come. You can’t rewrite something that is yet to exist.


If you find peace in today, however, you become the scriptwriter of your life. That’s because today is the best of your life to come. Use your words wisely about you, towards you. Listen to your voice within. It will tell you where you need to calm the war that lives within you. You will then be able to include the word, “peace” in the latest chapter title of your life’s story. 



The Gift of The Moment


It’s time to be practical in caring for you. If you are trying to build your life from where you have been and where you might go, you will always fail.


The Guides say over and over again, “Live your life today. Be in the moment.” If that’s the do you plan for your future when today is the only thing you must embrace?


First, understand the importance of learning to be where you are at this time. This is one of the steps that will take you where you want to end up tomorrow. Think of it this way: It’s important to know where you want to go, but it’s more important to know where you are. Evaluate your values, strengths and your goals for today. Be in the moment, for these are the only skills that will help put you back in control of where you want to be tomorrow. You have a role. Figure out the role you are playing today for yourself and for others.

Then and only then will you latch on to what will help strengthen you for what tomorrow brings. When you acknowledge that, you will be able to get where you want to go.



To make today the best it can be:


Give to your world emotionally.


Be at peace with what you feel. Regardless of the tangle it creates for you, hold on to it, examine it and understand it.

The only way you will understand why you feel what you do is to not lose it in the moment by ignoring it, but by taking the time to express it in patient, thoughtful ways.


If you don’t take the time to experience it--to understand the “what” and the “why” of it, impatient reactions will occur. Rage and outbursts will create a war within you, and you will overreact.


Another way to make today better and pave the way for tomorrow is to take time for you. Learn to live for you. By experiencing today, you can focus on the joy of tomorrow. Look at the past, not as something that is wrong, but as a blessing.


Examining it, living it, tasting it and “being it” today will create a smooth and steady ride tomorrow.



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