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I Give You Nothing More Than What You Believe

When you open up your heart, you are reminded of the challenges you have already faced to get where you are today. The Guides say many souls believe the center of their peace comes from without. The truth is that deep inside of you is a depth of truth that others seek to know.


When you begin to stand up for yourself, you start to understand the power you give to you. You start to live emotionally and bring forth ideas about you that have been kept like a light under a bushel.


Let’s talk about the generosity of The Guides’ world and the choice you place on them when you seek their guidance.  The Guides say none of us understand the “vibration of our sensitivities.” As a soul, you have come here to touch into your wisdom. You are the founder of your own reality.


While it is true that your path in life is set, it’s more important that you look upon you as the trunk of the tree. Inside, there’s nourishment that brings leaves and offers shade for the chosen path. It grows and offers warmth and coolness for those who lean under it.


The same holds true for you in this life. The physical world holds nothing more than what you are within you. Everything outside of you is nourishment to create the journey back into you. If you understand that truth, you have no mystery about you that you cannot embrace.


The statement, “I give nothing more than what you believe” is the “blistering” of truth—the opening, the exposure of truth that will make you wise in this life.


The Guides say:



We come into your world as visitors. Your spirits around you help guide and support you in the journey of life that is best for you. We are not allowed to intervene in your life in a way that takes from you the mystery of your own world; therefore, we are not given the choices you might believe we are given.


We cannot take from you the courage you need. We cannot offer you the blisterings of truth about you that give you more heads on your body [more knowledge], even though we know a lot about what has helped create who you are this day. They are all a mystery to you, and they will remain that way for many years to come upon your earth.


We are not always the students that look for our desk to study. You ARE our study! Because of that, we sometimes can help guide you to the journey you need. Other times, we can only encourage you to follow that journey.


It is difficult when you look upon your past and see challenges you feel have taken away your freedom.  Understand what you believe. If you truly believe you are not given opportunity in life, you will be given few opportunities. If you allow yourself to persist, to have courage, to not allow yourself to be beaten by the throws of others around you. Then you will continue to seek and have more in life.


You must know how to measure what you believe while living your life. So many of you do not really know what you believe. Many of you think you always believe in the light, and yet most of you believe there is a part of you that draws to the dim.


When you are in question about what is best for you, it does not take away from your journey. It may create more struggles, but it also brings you an advantage—an added wing for you, an extension of who you are. Eventually it will wrap you in more comfort and warmth that what you can imagine. We encourage you to be inquisitive and seek more direction for you. We don’t encourage letting go of your own ambitions or no longer seeking opportunity.


You do not have to have a career to live long or want to have more in life. You do not have to have a family to make you feel good about you. What you do have to have is belief in you. If you cannot believe in the worth of who and what you are, you will never achieve what you need in this life.


The journey of hope and of having is to believe that you are worthy of having…to know you have a unique place in man’s world, and that you are given opportunities that all others are given. Sometimes you get so fixed on what you want out of life, that you forget what you need from life. That is why so many of you become confused as to what is yours to have and what isn’t. You cannot take from another the robe they wear that comforts them. You cannot take the food from someone else’s plate that feeds them. What you can do is explore life and find what part of it you want from others or what they have in life that seems to be encouraging you about you.  Look at your neighbor and admire their joy. Doing that allows you to see that you yourself are missing out on joy. If you admire their money, it will show you that you are feeling denied while living on earth.


In order to change your path, create the circumstances that, indeed, do that!


When you overload your life with routine, it is impossible to instantly break free of it without making changes around you. If you need funds and have no way of cutting the funds that “bleed” from you, you will never have the funds you need.  You must be willing to make adjustments and changes in life that make you what you want to be--that force you to look at you differently and begin to change the belief structure in how you see you.


If you believe that life must be a struggle, then it becomes so.

If you believe you can have the joy that someone else holds, then you begin to work toward it.

Determination is the fuel that allows you to reach your goals.


We also want to share with you the limitations we have on us while living as part of your life. It is as though someone wants ot take form us the toes on our feet. We have legs to carry us. We have feet to share our path with you. We have, however, no toes that point us before you, so you become our toes. You see, dear ones, that helps you understand our place in your life. We cannot point you. We cannot even lead you. We can only follow behind you. We are given no more freedom than that. We must follow your toes. If you need us, you must ask for us. If you want to be a bigger part of our world and us a bigger part of yours…you must ask.


It is difficult for you to understand the levels of opportunity that are available to you. The God-Self in all of you is a golden light that shines forth many beams of light. The farther you get away from the God-Source, the lighter the gold light becomes. It can become nothing but a glimmer of yellow, then white. At that point, you will not feel the warmth of the glow from which it originates. When you are truly able to reach for help, when you are able to look beyond you to find others around you that are there to support you physically or spiritually, the light becomes brighter. You move closer to the God-Self.  The more connected you become to each other, the more Godly your life is. That, my dear ones, is the truth that will lead you back into your own truth—the God-Self in you.


As you touch the God in others, you find the God in you. We give nothing more than what you believe. Begin to believe differently in you. Say you will "have” rather than you "want.”  Look desperately at things you feel you need out of life, then make a list of the things you want. If they do not blend or match, you will never have what you seek.


What you need is not what God always offers you. What you want, however, is promised to you. That, my dear ones, is the blessing of our speech.



In Closing:

Try to know that in life, man cannot take more from life than what his is to have, but all of man does not even live close to what he is to have. You must learn to recognize that the gifts of life that are given are only a small portion of what you can truly have. See what it is you need in your life today that you do not have.  Tomorrow, look for the gift God has given to you as a direction you can follow to fulfill your needs. If your needs are not being met, it is only because you are not hearing the demands placed on you. You are only talking about it and not living it.



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