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Own Your Life

While they are always valuable, The Guides' teachings sometimes are difficult to understand.

That's definitely not the case here. I've left this 2003 lesson in their words, because it truly says it all:

In your world, it is important to look at the elbows, the bends in the road that guide you. Understand how these challenges bring support for your soul. You must also know part of you yearns for the real reasons why you are the way you are.

You need to be understood by your own thought. Until you are able to understand the power of that, you will never learn to live simply in your world. You believe that life must first begin with what you need. What is important for all souls to realize is that life only begins when you excuse need from it. Do not allow yourself to look at what is a must, but look at life as though it is a pleasure. When you believe life is a challenge, challenge is what you create. When you believe that life is indeed a journey where you must learn to explore and enjoy, it becomes that for you.

You make life what you believe it is for you. When you see the world around you disruptive, that is what you grow accustomed to. It becomes the only thing you know how to live with. It is difficult for you to change your patterns, but until you are able to do that, you will never find peace in your heart.

There are many of us from our world who guard you in yours. Each one of you is taught things about you that must be dealt with emotionally. Each one of you is given a different view of you from all different parts of you--from past lives. In this life path, you have to learn to be thankful for you and how to honor you in a way that’s healing.

When you touch your spirit, you own not remember your past. You only know what feels comfortable in the moment you are in. But all souls must learn to let go of the fear of life to understand the need for life. To live life simply, you must connect to your self spiritually. You must honor you in what you are, who you are, and the path of time in which you walk.

You becomes confused when you look outside of yourself. Life seems foreign to you. Life will always be foreign, if it does not begin within you. Once you accept the responsibility of your own world, you understand the importance of making it your life. You begin to find the "bacon" of your own soul. You begin to see what part of your life is crispy, what part of your life still needs to be cooked. You do not eat your bacon raw. It takes time to prepare bacon to get it to taste the way you want and need.


To live simply, tune in to your life emotionally. Know why you react the way you do. How do you stand simple in a life that is in threat?  All meaning of life is important, regardless of the way it’s written. It only matters to you if it applies to you, and since everything applies to you, it is all about you. When you begin to hear the conflict of life in other people’s worlds, when you begin to know there is threat of war in your world...the only way you can stay safe is to feel blessed with those connected to you. You cannot change the root of your life and not have your life totally shift, because when you touch into your soul, you see life from a different perspective. The things you thought were important no longer have meaning. You begin to understand the need for true honesty. You no longer lie to yourself about what you feel, need and  want. You truly begin to understand the choices you've made. As you look back on those choices, you become honest with yourself about what motivated you to make them...what needs you were seeking to meet.

In your spine, there are many feelers that are connected to it--just as in your life. there are many songs that have been sung about you through others’ actions toward you. Every one of those songs had different passages to teach you. You have to look at the choices you made from your soul to see the reasons back then why you made them. Look at them on both a physical and spiritual level. When man begins to truly be honest with himself about his life, he no longer is faced opposite from himself in life. Life begins to put together its own personal meaning for you. You then feel secure enough within yourself to trust you, because you are no longer lying to yourself about you...for when you lie to yourself about you, you are lying about yourself to others. When you begin to live an honest life and truly see the reasons why you are alive--why you do the things you do and what motivates you to do them--then you truly are ready to be at peace with yourself and live simply.

To live simply means nothing more than to stay in control of your environment and not complicate your life with lies. When you lie to yourself about who you are, what you are, and why you want what you needs, your life is complicated. You feel you are chasing life instead of enjoying it. When you seek to have more money, what is the reason for it? All of you seek to have it differently and want it differently. Why do you want to be more spiritual in your world? Most of you want that to feel special within yourself.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you sometimes see a face you do not know. When you are dishonest  about what you need and want from you and from others, you create heartache and disappointment. This is why challenges in your life are never met and things you feel you want never happen. You are not lying to yourself about wanting it. You are lying to yourself about why you want it. When you are honest with yourself about that, you will you have the successes in life you feel you need to feel productive.

Look at yourself today and know what it is you strive to have, then ask yourself honestly why you feel you need it and why you want it. It is all to make your life better.

When you bring other people into your world--regardless of whether they are friends or more family--you do so to make you feel good about make you feel complete. Once you are able to be honest with yourself about that, you will be able to reach the success you want. Look at what part of your life feels blocked. The reason it’s blocked is because you’re not being honest with yourself about why you want it, or need it, or expect it. Be honest and life will become more open for you. You won’t be afraid to get what it is you need and want.


That is the beginning step of owning your life and living it simply.


--The Guides


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