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A Little Peace of Mind Goes a Long Way

Are you one of those people who is always angry, frustrated or disappointed with people you care about? Are you always worrying for those you love? Maybe it’s time to achieve a little “peace of mind.”


No one ever knows total calm in this life, due to the very nature of what emotions are.  You do, however, need to learn to control those emotions. It can be a challenge. The goal is to distract you from feeling angered, hurt or abused. As The Guides say, “All the ribbons that have been cut were not there to make bows for you. They were there to create new beginnings for you.”


That’s a good one. It’s not always intended to be a party for us. Things happen—good and bad—to teach us new lessons, so honor the way you handle them. Learn to shift the power of your feelings to work for you, not against you.


You determine your success in this life, so create pleasure, rather than self-inflicted injury.


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