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Prosperity: How To Create Abundance

If you only mentally see yourself as prosperous and do not feel it've got some work cut out for you.

Before you were born, your soul participated in planning the path you would follow to live a prosperous life. Your greatest choice in life is to overcome the fear you hold in your heart. You must find courage in dealing with what life offers. You want to feel secure in your journey. One way to build that comfort is to feel prosperous in life… to have a life where you create great abundance.


Many chose to learn how to work through the tangles they feel towards prosperity. Some people seem to have been given what they want, but not everyone comes into this world to be overly prosperous. As we all know, there are those people who feel deprived of wealth throughout life.


There are many ways to solve this puzzle of prosperity. The first way is to understand why it’s necessary for you to “have” in life.


As a soul, you came into this life to build your own platform. Prosperity teaches humility, regardless of whether you have too much or too little.  When you feel empowered by your money, you begin to feel disillusioned with hope. You no longer feel in control of your own journey. You suddenly feel lost and lonely, because prosperity creates more tangles, more hurt, and more harm that it does joy; yet, there are those who wish for a more prosperous life.


How, then, does a soul choose to create more in life and enjoy it?  There are many principles you can follow:


Principle #1

Believe it is your right to learn to be prosperous. Believe that your burden of debt is no longer yours to carry. The way you feel and work through that tangle is to confront your past areas of self-doubt.


When you are puzzled about your past, you create that much more of a puzzle about your future. It becomes difficult to understand how to solve the mystery of why you can and cannot have. Believe you deserve to live a prosperous life.  Look at your past and see the debt you owe, and untangle that part from you. Separate from it emotionally and see it as a chart you have followed--not a path you must follow, unless you choose to do so.


Principle #2

Stay humble in your heart. Always be grateful for what you have. If not, you no longer place value in who you are. To be prosperous, know there is value within you. Prosperity is not freely given. It has to be earned. You have to take an active part in overcoming the challenges of having a prosperous life. If not, you will lose your desire and motivation. Suddenly, all the things you thought you wanted and needed no longer have value to you.



Principle #3

Choose the way you want to use your wealth. Know what your choices are in having a prosperous life. You create the journey you seek, but you must look at what it can bring to you and take away from you. For many, abundance takes away choices and leaves them alone. That is why they create less in life, because it’s the only way they feel they can control their life.


There is no reason why you cannot live a prosperous life. It is the choices you make that can take away the attitude you need to live in abundance. If you create anger in your heart, you confine your life. If you create joy in your life, you expand your life. Believe it or not, many people are not interested in creating a prosperous life. They do not want to be burdened by it and have to make choices about it. They do not want to change where they came from, because they are afraid of change, so they choose to stay in a secure “back room” in life.  The Guides say that out of every ten people, there will only be two who want to have more in life…who are secure enough within their journey to hope to have more than what they feel they began with.


There’s A Distinction To Be Made

Each person wants to have a life of luxury, but for many, that does not include a prosperous life. Luxury to you may mean being less confined. Luxury to you may mean having to make the right choices and NOT the wrong ones--giving to you few choices. Luxury to you may mean looking into the dark to seek the light, and not living in the light to fade out the dark.


Many people are fascinated with want and desire. Your prosperity lies in creating hope in what the future will bring, rather than being at peace with what you already have. If you are dissatisfied with what you have today, you will never have more. Understand that. The only way change is created…the only way change is given, is for you to not be gentle, to not feel safe within the path you’re walking today. When making changes, ask yourself where you feel frightened and unsafe. That is the only way change can ever come into your life.


If you are not prosperous, it might be because you do not want the changes that would come to you. You can overcome that by first recognizing that nothing in life happens because of luck. Every star in the heavens is given its place long before time was ever brought forward to mankind. You can change the placement of your star by feeling discomfort, the strong urge to make the change. In order to change where you are and bring you into a more prosperous place, reason with yourself as to why you feel it’s necessary. Look at the limitations you think this would bring you, for that is the anchor that will either hold you in place today or lift you from the tangles of your past. When you can answer your feeling, you will find the solution to creating prosperity in your life. 

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