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Relationship With A Mate

“Why haven’t I found my true mate?”


Maybe it’s because you do not want to involve yourself emotionally with someone who takes your personal journey, who makes choices for you, who tears you away from the goals you seek to reach as an individual—or so you believe.


The Guides say that on a physical level, your heart is open. If you do not feel connected with anyone, however, it’s simply because there’s a need within you that must be satisfied--to be alone with you.  When you open up your life, you will find many faces around you who can create a long lasting relationship with you.

According to the Guides--


 “Many of you set your obstacles so hard, so high and so long, it’s impossible for someone else to walk that journey. It is hard when you begin to feel alone in your heart, in your mind…but it’s also a choice you have made—believe it or not. There are many faces in your Earth. There are many ways in which you can create a bloom on your bush, but you have to realize there is no one that is more directed than you in following your own journey.”

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