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Parental Relationships

 Let's talk relationships.


The Guides say it’s difficult when you finds yourself coming up short in the “emotions” department, because you don't have partnerships that support you.


The people you are emotionally connected to have a powerful influence in your life—on today and on your future. They are there to fill a need or desire in you and in them.


Because they are so very important to us all, I thought we could touch upon four types of relationship: parents, couples, siblings, and friends.


In no certain order, let’s start with parents…

The Guides say it is hard to recognize your parents’ worth to your life.

“Realize that your mother’s relationship is the yarn from which you’re knitted. Understand the power in that. Do not draw back to it when you were small. Look at your relationship with both your parents as evolving. In doing that, you can get a better feel for them and what their needs were for you and yours for them, long before coming into this life.”

Each relationship is a tower in you that must be expressed, encouraged and supported. It should stand up to the test of time. If you do that, you will feel more fruitful.


Life is an agreement you chose. You signed on to it; therefore, you must live through it, so use your relationships to share your lives and not destroy them.

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