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Setting Priorities

As we get older, we start getting more reflective. We start gauging our lives, based on someone else’s world.

That is when life becomes difficult.


As you learn to find your own potential, you begin to understand the need to set your own priorities, or as The Guides call it… “the mustard on the bread.” Those priorities are the spice you need to create the goals you have set for yourself as a soul. 


You have many emotions stored up in you—not because you’re afraid to express them, but because you are afraid to understand them. It’s hard to live when you are constantly being pulled back into your past, because you haven’t dealt with understanding your past desires, failures, and circumstances.


To create the life you seek, look at the “lumber” being created for you every day. By doing that, you can begin to understand the power you are given as a spiritual being to live in the physical world.


Who or what is the “lumber” in your life? It is the people and the situations that help you create the structure you need to face what might and might not happen in your life. That “lumber”  is also the person in you who is always seeking to have more in life. To create the structure you want out of you, know your priorities—what is important to you. In doing that, you will begin to understand the power of your mind and the joy in every part of your life. 




According to The Guides, man has four emotions that help him set his priorities:



The first emotion is fear. When you are fearful, your path is littered with limitations. Those limitations can actually help focus you. They do not work against you,  but instead, they give you the power to act and help you feel safe.



The second emotion that helps you set priorities is the emotion of facing yourself. It is knowing what you feel--who you are in all times of war and confusion. When you become confused by the circumstances in your life, you only create hardships for yourself. Be centralized in your mind. That will help you see the balance—the joy and the sadness, the plusses and the minuses, where you stand and what it is in you that you have to face to become a top priority in your own life.



The next step involves discovering how to create a long life. What will it take from you to motivate you? What emotion is connected to motivation? The third emotion is pride—those things that make you feel good or ashamed. Pride is a great tool to help create the life you are looking for.  



The fourth emotion that helps motivate you and give you what you want is joy. Joy is being able to feel the expectations and excitement in your life. When you feel excited about living, you are able to create. Difficult moments occur when the joy in you is gone and life around you is no longer full.




There are many things that can take away your life. To know your priorities:


Always look at the fear around that priority.

Know who you are.

Know what it takes to motivate you and what make you proud.

Know joy as well as sadness. When you begin to know the value of the balance, you will see all sides of the truth. 


Then you can understand your potential and make you your priority.




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