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Spiritual "Gas Stations"

Everyone can use a little shoring up now and then. We’re all human.


We may know our worth to our family and friends, but we all still need to hear nice things about ourselves every now and then.


You can build spiritual and emotional “gas stations” in a variety of places. Know that your talents are your tools, so make a list of them and keep it in “Feel Good" folder in your desk at work, at home, on your iPad, etc. In it, place thank you cards, notes of appreciation, and every “Atta Boy!” comment you receive from others.


Whenever you’re having a down day or start to feel unappreciated by your peers at work or your family at home, pull out that folder for a spiritual “fill up.” It will remind you of your true worth and give you a "full tank" to move forward with a better outlook.


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