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The Best Approach To Life

The best way to approach anything in life is through a positive, optimistic attitude.


That’s hard for us humans, because we like fear.


Heck, we almost wallow in it!


Knowing that—

Turn around and give yourself three seconds to look at “Fear” trying to worm its way out of that black plastic bag you left behind.






Now--eyes back toward this page!


When you are afraid to branch out in life, you create excuses why you haven’t yet reached the point where you feel you should be. Understand that hope in life gives you promise. It also gives a pattern or “path” of truth to follow. Think about it as a gentler world of knowing what you need to open your heart.


Have you ever noticed you never question your path in life when you find peace and joy around you? You only question it when you are in fear and conflict, so seek to know what you can provide for yourself that satisfies you. When you listen to the voice inside of you, you hear it in rhythm with who you are.


You don’t have to search to know yourself, but you do have to search to know your path. Your path is made up of opportunities available to you. You are the one who chooses where you are and where you want to be.

Ask, “Where do I fit in? What journey should I follow? Am I living the path that is right for me, or am I missing opportunities that could be mine to have?”


If you don't like the life you're living, you are the one responsible for it. If you want to improve it, you have to have peace with the world you're living in. You also have to find comfort with those who support you and admire you for your worth. You also have to be honest with yourself about any falseness you show to others about you.


Be truthful about how you are living your life. That will direct you toward the life that's best for you.







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