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The Cards You've Been Dealt

You have to deal with what’s given to you daily.  The Guides teach that if you overlook the path you’re on today, you won’t find the security you seek for tomorrow--either physically or spiritually. 

If you chose good health for this particular path on earth and you start abusing your body and don’t listen to it, some things are going to happen to you:

  • You won’t be able to handle the stress given to you.

  • It will take away pleasure from your life, because you won’t have the health you need to endure the journey best chosen for you.  

  • It will eventually cause your death.


The Guides say that those who die young have, perhaps, the better lot in life. They know the path they want is secure in the knowledge of their young years, not their old ones. They are secure in knowing nothing can take away the journey that is best for them.


The key is to harvest all you can from today—the gifts, the lessons and the love all around you.


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