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The Importance of Balance

What’s so important about balance?


Does your life feel like it’s running wildly out of your control?

Are you overcomplicating things?

Are you not caring at all?


Let’s face it…

There has GOT to be a middle of the road. Each and every day, there is a need for all in life in some small quantity.


Your mind and your heart—your thoughts and your emotions—should be in balance. When you allow your mind to be something that your heart is not, safe boundaries disappear and that “life run amuck” feeling sets in.


Your thoughts and your heart must run in unison. That’s the only way to succeed. Work on your mindset, then push it by embracing it with what you feel is your passion.


You will find balance when you pay attention to you. Know what is yours to have. Know when you’re moving fast, slow…when life is empty or full. These can change moment by moment. 


When you compliment others and see the light in their faces or their shame when you criticize them, you will be made aware of how your actions affect others and you. That awareness will then help you balance your actions with your emotions to create a better, more fruitful life for you.



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