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The River of "Denial"

Here’s a tough one…


When you receive your personal messages, The Guides say,



…it always frightens you, because you find the voice of who you ARE becomes clearer than the confusion you so want yourself to be.”


We are all guilty of creating a cloudy cocoon of fantasy and denial around ourselves, aren’t we?


Fortunately, there is an instruction manual for building a better life. Here’s some of what it says:


Know what peace is to you.

There is value in inner calm. The Guides say,

“Peace is knowing how to live emotionally within yourself and recognizing the worth of your own choices and the brilliance that can be.”

Once you find the joy in that, you’ll stop feeling forced into situations that frighten you. (Remember: You can’t control outer peace. You CAN control inner peace.)


Realize you have a voice that must be heard. You want to hear your own voice, but you don’t realize it when you do! There’s no need to repeat the past to find it. 

Learn to recognize the TONE of your own voice.

Understand that you SOUND OUT your life through your thoughts.

You LIVE your life through your emotions. Recognize the value of living what you feel-- the emotions of it. If you do that, The Guides say,


“You will understand the purpose that goes beyond the value of living…and that is KNOWING.”

When you begin to accept the knowledge that’s already in your thoughts, you’ll realize the value of knowing your journey. You’ll hear your own voice by believing you have the skills to live a hopeful, not painful life.


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