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Walling Off Your World

Have you ever been afraid of living your life?


We all have at one time or another. You had to learn to stay still and understand how to be you.  When you stepped into that stillness…that nothingness, you had a choice:


You either stayed in that spot and clung to old thought patterns and emotions that confined you, or you moved out by stimulating new reasons for living.


You’ll live longer if you give yourself purpose and progress. Walling off your world never lets you feel abundant in tomorrow. You remain stuck behind thoughts of yesterday, the circumstances around you and past emotions that confine and constrict. 


First, look at your life and the clutter in it—old thoughts, prejudices and emotions still tied to your past. Then, practice this exercise each and every day:


Review your life differently. See it for what it is, not what it was. You do that by injecting some emotion into your world. What are you most stimulated by today? That is what you need more of in your life. It could be companionship or following a truth that’s important to you. You might want to learn how to laugh or share the moment you are in. You may crave for knowledge or just read something that ”stirs your skillet” right now! You might even need to get away.


Be honest: You know in your heart what has fed you today, because you still cling to it. Be in the moment. Cherish it now. Let your heart recreate your world. Feel your emotions. If thoughts from your past come into your day, let them only put you into focus as to where you can go.


Break free from the walls in front of you. Walk forward along your path, leaving them next to your shrinking black plastic bag.


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