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Your Future

Look high up into your world.

You are standing under your future.


When you live always looking ahead in your life, all the things you stand for are yet to be lived.  The circumstance and situations that will bring them to life are not here yet. You can’t understand the value of today, if you have no reason to live it and hope for it for tomorrow.


You are the only person who can determine what is worth taking with you into the future. You have all the right in the world to take anger, hurt and bitterness into your future. Learn to embrace your emotions and encourage yourself to feel them, so you will be able to dismiss them when you are ready. Use them as an anchor, so you don’t lose sight of where you want and need to be.


If you haven’t guessed already...

The past, present, and future all work together. They cannot exist without each other. 


To learn more about dealing with your past, present and future in your dreams, read Mary Jo's book,  It All Begins Here: Interpreting Your Dreams.

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