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Your Layers of Guides

The Guides say it is hard when you look from the bottom of the mountain to the top of it and try to figure out the climb that best fits you.  When you look out into the world of knowledge, you are usually intimidated by the knowledge that others have. That’s because you do not believe in your own.  That journey to the top can be intimidating and threatening if you try to walk it faster than necessary.


Look at the path you have already walked to know how far you must still go to get to the top of the mountain.  You do that by trusting your instincts. The past gave you some patterns to where you are today. Life ahead of you can be overwhelming, because it is unfamiliar. So every day, walk the steps given to you…that demand performance out of you and put you in a place is different than yesterday.


In order to feel support in your trip up the mountain, ask for guidance and protection from all the journeys of your past.  You have some powerful spiritual contact you hold within you. You may not realize that if you climb to the top of the mountain, there will be many different layers of spiritual help that you will meet along the way.


From the time you were small, you have changed the “faces”—the people around you to help you as you grow. As you proceed forward in time, you also change the spiritual Guides that stand over you and guide you, just as you change the guides that surround you in your everyday life.


It is necessary to understand the Guides’ world to help you to understand your own. There are many layers of helpers that guide you through your layers of life.  As you grow and develop your character, your guidance will change as well.


You are each given Guides to help you along the way. Some stay longer than others are allowed to stay. Every soul has a turning point in your heart, when you push away from those that surround you, to encourage you on your walk.  It is needed that you come through the path without any scratches.  Even though you may bleed from them, you are never to ignore them, just embrace them.  So as you progress forward up the hill of life, you will be given many Guides--many teachers that help you get where you want to go.  To reach the destination you have chosen, you have to be aware of what anchors you, as well as what supports you. That gives you the security of knowing where you are in the channel of life.


In this 2004 teaching, the Guides broke down the layers of help available to you along your journey: 


The first layer you are given contains the souls that walk with you daily.  These are the souls that come to you to guide you through the mud of life and the joy of celebrations. They are there to help you connect to you and hear you in the world of man.


The second layer is the layer that gives you guidance in your sleep state.  These are Guides that stay with you and protect you while you travel beyond the physical.  They are there to take you from your body.  They are there watch over you as you decide what is best for you in the spiritual world.  They are not there to take away your life, but to protect you only while you sleep.


The third layer of Guides helps you plan your longevity, as well as the short periods of your life. They help plan who comes in contact with you that perhaps teach you certain items of information. They also put people in your life that bring dangers in your world that will help you trust you to overcome your fears, angers, and frustrations.  These are the Guides that are connected to you emotionally.  They are a part of your heart and live from within you.


The fourth layer of Guides is there to humble you.  They are there to help you, for they learn from you and teach you by teaching themselves.  They want you to believe in you.  That is their entire purpose for you.


The fifth layer of Guides is there to be like angels.  They are there as the overseers.  They want to make sure your past journey does not interfere with the one that is ahead of you.  They are trying to connect you to your past and your present, so you can create a better future.  This is perhaps the most important layer of guidance. Without them, you cannot make do with the journey of life today.  Your past is a structure.  It has helped you get to where you are today and has given you a purpose beyond which you are today.  This layer of guidance is there to help you blend all aspects of you--your past and your present--to understand the future in focusing who you want to become.


The sixth layer of guidance is a layer of hardship.  This layer of Guides is there to give you the tools to help you work through your pains--your losses, health issues, the pain in your heart.  They mentally connect to you by sending thought to you.  They are there to come out of you.  They are there to protect your physical body, for when you are low in spirit, your body begins to break down, and the world outside of you becomes overwhelming.  This layer is there to hold you, to coddle you, to protect you and to help heal you.


Lastly, the seventh layer is what man calls “the angel of death.”  This soul is assigned to you.  There is only one for each of you.  Everyone gets a “faucet.”  It is not your choice as to what temperature the water is when the water is turned on.  This soul was assigned to you before you entered the earth.  This Guide knows what your need is for death and checks on you while you are living your life.  This Guide is not continuously with you.  Your Guide has different corners of your life they can tap into.  They come back to you every so often, converse with you, bring sudden changes to you, give you “exit points” as man calls them, and help you to determine if you want to stay over into life for the length of time that is best for you. 


Your "angel of death" helps you make choices, but is also there to make sure you do not get into a place in your physical life that takes from you life.  Their job is intense. They have many Guides who help them help you…to keep you safe, to make you warm in this life. They are known as your Guardian Angels, but you all have the angel that is there for you to help you make your way to the top of the mountain until you finish your life here on earth.  You see, dear ones, you thought when we started at the foot of the mountain, that the climb to the top would finally be the place where you would begin to live.  That is truth, but not in your reality…in our reality. 


Your journey of life gives you a direction of new.  Every day brings new progress.   Every day brings new truth.  You have a responsibility to ask these groups of energies for the direction you seek, for the purpose that you’re on.  You have an ability to confront this situation; to know that within each level of opportunity, there are many ways you can live to better know you. 


Your “angel of death” is the guardian of your world.  This Guide is not willing to compromise what your soul needs.  All other layers of guidance will indeed do that, but this layer of guidance is not allowed to know that. You cannot change the path you have chosen, for the death that you need is what will be given. You cannot change that, no matter how hard you try.


The layers of time you are given are those layers of guidance that all of you can pull like strings and ask for what you want when you need it.  You will go through many different layers of Guides.  You will teach yourself many different truths, but there is only one journey to the mountaintop...and that is the journey of you.  So believe in the authority.  Know yourself true, for you will never change the authority of what you are to do. 

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