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Your Own Mind Can Destroy You

It's an important fact to know:


Your own mind can destroy you.


Life can be hard when you have no “glory” about you—when you have no great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed upon you by yourself or by others. It can be a struggle when all you find important to you is surviving from one day to the next.


You can feel useless when no one outside you acknowledges you.  The major need in your life can become overwhelmed by the crises in your past. You can spend all your time trying to overcome the difficulties and tragedies that you can no longer do anything about.


The Guides have great advice on this:


“You must learn to believe that the goal you seek to reach is the building of you and your future—NOT the efforts to destroy what you already experienced. It is your purpose in this life to know the difference…to know you have already walked through that storm and weathered the conditions that gave you chaos."



The moral of this story is not to let your mind be your undoing. Acknowledge your past, feel what you feel, see the lesson in it...then move forward into your life and enjoy the rewards you genuinely deserve.




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