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Your Relationship With YOU

No matter the relationship your are currently focusing on in your life--

You must first mentally create a relationship with you. 


The Guides give us this helpful list to live by:

  • Look at yourself not as a stranger, but as someone you—and only you-- control and manipulate.

  • Your mind—not your emotional self-- should like you.

  • Wrap yourself up in what you know about you.

  • Put your faults and your strengths down as you see them and give yourself opportunities to shine.

  • Avoid being idle, while constantly seeking more in life.  That’s because achieving less only makes you feel less towards you.

  • Keep yourself motivated to overcome.

  • Set a daily challenge for you.

  • Embrace all of you—even those parts you do not like.


The Guides say--


 “When someone stands in front of you and shares their opinion of you, it takes from you your courage. It destroys you in the world of man. It is a lot to overcome. That is not the purpose of friendship and partnership. No one should size up another and tell them by their own truth as to how they see them.”

In short:


Take ownership of you.
Value your worth.
Take care of you, 
and give yourself a break.

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