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Finding The Better Part of You

You have good and not so good parts of you. You get so caught up going in the direction you believe is important, you develop “tunnel vision. ”Along the way, you drop all the tools given to you to create a better life. You get lost. You become pessimistic. You can’t see the forest for the trees.


The Guides are here to help you discover your better part. Part of their mission is to teach you to hear the silence inside you. They call that “the river of life" available to you.


When you build yourself up…
When you are honest with yourself about what you feel…
When you no longer focus on what you feel life has taken from you, but on what you have gained, you will find that silence they speak of.


That “river of life” will take you along with it, as it flows smoothly and calmly through that forest of life. 

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