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Four Tools Toward Creating Prosperity

The Guides revealed these four tools to use every day to become more prosperous in your life:

  • Be 5 years old again…every day. Rediscover your childhood belief that not everything is a burden. Money doesn’t have to be, either. Change your disposition about it and eventually, it will change for you.

  • Eliminate your fear of recreating the past. Running away from confronting your past only causes you to recreate it again and again. Face it. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Work to let it go.

  • Study successful people.  Learn what they have gone through and how they have created prosperity in their lives.

  • Don’t dismiss what you don’t have. Believe you deserve to have it.


In every day, there’s a bonus. Find it. Nothing prosperous should be wasted.  If you feel guilty for deserving more, you’ll fail. Less should only encourage you to succeed.

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