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How To Be A Friend To You

When you choose to walk alone in life, it's hard to learn how to honor and accept what you feel. It is even more difficult to understand the mystery that surrounds you. You will never learn to be a friend to you until you truly embrace all of you and realize there is something much deeper inside you than what you show others.

Each of us is brought into this world to learn to be a participant in it. Until you are able to serve yourself first, you will never feel fed.

Be cautious of your words.

Speak from a position of strength, not weakness.

Recognize the difficult emotions you feel.

Confront and embrace them without criticizing them.

Pay attention to what you need without trying to dismiss it or ignore it in understanding the value of it. 


You have many faces you show to everyone, but in order for you to show your face to you--the best part of you--you have to learn to first pay attention to what and who you are.  

There are no secrets to living a full life. There are areas of self-doubt and compromise. It’s important to know that in this life, you are not making mistakes. You are making choices. If you understand that, you understand the power you take back in owning you and the life you’re living.

There are many words that others can say to give you the encouragement you need--almost like energy that is building up. When you look outside of you for guidance, you are looking for "that spot" where you belong, but until you become your own caretaker...until you are able to feel the joys within you about you, you will never be able to feel full in life.

Each of us is unique in our understanding of what our needs are. It is so important to learn to recognize what has already taken place that inspires you. Draw back into that, and you will create more of that in your life.


Where do you feel you have made a difference in someone else’s life?

What do you want in living your life?

How much encouragement do you give others around you?

How much hope and desire do you have for encouraging you to stand up for you?


The Guides teach:


Part 2

Joys of many are given, but few know how to grasp or conquer what is there for them. Until you are able to feel ripe upon the vine, you will never be able to taste the sweetness that comes from you. Try to imagine the sunrise of each day in your future. Do you see the clouds that swirl around in the sky? Or is the sky clear? Now try to imagine the sunset. Do you face fear in it? Or do you face relief in bringing that day to a close, or do you seek to have more of it? You determine what is best for you. No one else does. Not even in the spiritual world can your Guides take from you the life that is best for you. You are the one who makes the choices about your journey, and you do it moment by moment in the way you handle you. If you ignore your needs, you will never feel good about you. You will always feel starved, and you will allow yourself to abuse the foods or abuse the angers, or abuse the temperaments of life itself.

In order to recognize your worth, you have to learn to look at tomorrow with hope, not despair. You have to realize that you are guiding the wagon. No one else is. And the attitudes you choose to have tomorrow can be shifted and changed to favor you, not destroy you. So many of you think of you in weakness, not in challenge or defeat--not in reward and abundance. Every day, create a sparkle of hope for tomorrow. In doing so, you allow yourself to feel the importance of today. Build yourself up in man’s world. Concentrate on the successes you’ve had today, not the defeats. Face your fears and realize the power of them. Know that when you face one of your fears today, you will empower yourself and give you the blessing in honoring you.

Be strong in the truths that you follow. If you have no meaning to life--your life in it, your reason for being in it-- you will never feel good about you and the joys which are available to you. You cannot ignore the pain in life, the pain in you. You cannot ignore the sadness that comes from you. But instead of mourning loss, recognize the good in what it is that you feel you’ve lost or whoever it is you feel you’ve lost. See the memories and embrace them. Feel the warmth that comes from them. Work to carry that with you, for every one of you can look at your past and know there is a good day in some part of it. Learn to fasten to that. Connect to it! Bring it forward with you, for it will help you, setting the momentum for today and tomorrow and giving you the juice that nourishes you.


Part 3


You have found your place in your world. You know the how much of need is placed in front of you daily. How you handle that need and confront it gives you choice . To be a friend to you, be aware of choices you make for you. Remind yourself, “Is it going to make me feel good about me or bad about me, or will I have a reaction at all? Which is the worst?”


You have to learn to be involved in your own life today. Be strong in what you value, in what you feel is important to you. Honor you by being connected to you. Control your words and your thoughts. You can turn your life upside down by ignoring your feelings.

Look at your life today. Realize it is full of compromises, but you are the one who chooses to face them. Be responsible for yourself. Be involved with you. Know what each moment offers you, then recognize what you get from it.

At the beginning of the day, realize its power. You are in control of what you want and need out of the day. Give yourself guidance by protecting you in God’s prayer…in God’s words. Think success, not defeat. Recognize that when you feel you have failed, it is only because you have not given yourself praise. Even in the darkest moments, there is light that must be embraced. If you embrace doubt and fear, you will only bring more of that to you.

Look at your life today as a basket to be filled:


What do you choose to take home with you?

What do you want in your basket that will eventually feed you today… tomorrow?

Do you want the fruits of life that are firm and solid? 

Do you want rotten fruit that will upset the balance in you and eventually destroy you?


All of us must face the things in us we want to ignore.

Today, if you choose to see the gifts given to you, you will always know you are in a cradle of light that protects you.

Be strong, be curious and investigate you today.

Be a friend to you.

Be involved with you by knowing how you feel, seeing what you want and knowing there is a robe you wear that is always protecting you from others’ words, others’ deeds and others’ choices.


You make your own choices, so honor you in making them. 


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