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March Predictions

Regardless of what month you were born in, it's the date you should use to see how to handle this month.


If you were born on the…..


1st - Money is moving through your fingers too quickly so don’t overspend. Family is the highlight of the month. Your focus is on tomorrow, not yesterday. March is a great month to be involved with new projects.​​Something falls out of the heavens for you in late month. Celebrate!


2nd - This isn’t a difficult month-- even though old wounds are reopening. You are forced to take it slow and easy. March is a great time to circle the camp and remember what’s important to you. You step forward in a new ​direction that pays off.


3rd - February was a difficult month for you with disappointments too many to count…especially in relationships. The good news is that March separates you from other people's bad behavior. You are putting out fires and ​​getting a second wind to overcome hurdles. Something or someone from the past revisits, and you are happy. Once a struggle…now a WIN!!! 


4th - You are some busy!!! Life is coming at you faster than you can handle. Just enjoy the splendor. Breathe life in and have fun! If March is difficult, you are not seeing the big picture. This is a month of showing off ​​​skills, faith, and love. WOW!!


5th - Keep your eyes open and your heart guarded. You have too many people needing your help. Please don’t make the mistake of ignoring what you know and feel.  There is much movement, so take advantage of it by seeing all of what life is showing you. There is a small prize coming your way. Remember, God’s gifts aren’t wrapped. 


6th - Freedom!!!! Money grows, friends multiply. What you want in March should be yours for the taking, as long as you aren’t expecting to win the lottery. You are forced to look within around the middle of the month. ​​Good opportunity comes your way. Work your magic on helping others heal their hearts. Your gift!!!


7th - March comes in like a tidal wave, forcing you to pay attention to YOU!! Wait before you do or say anything. After the 11th, you have luck on your side. You take home the prize!! This is a great month to let go and let God!! Celebrate!!!! Be the child and just be.


8th - You are given support in all you do. You are sensitive, caring, and too eager to help others. This could put you in time consuming spots you won’t find comfortable. You are given extra protection and energy in ​​March, so make sure you are the lead horse. It’s your time. Take advantage of it.


9th - Rejoice! Home is the golden spot for you in March. Entertain your friends and family. Good things come out of unexpected contacts and events. See March running as smoothly as slipping your foot into a comfortable shoe--no blisters and no regrets. You have a chance to visit a past situation that needs attention.


10th - Ask and you shall receive. Go with faith. DO NOT procrastinate. Do it and get it over with.  Be prepared to act quickly. Trust what you know, not what you feel. You are being prepared for a new opportunity before ​​the spring ends. Be ready to make quick decisions, regardless of how small you might think they are.


11th - Be strong this month. Regardless of how things work out, you will be the winner. Being patient pays off in March. You seem to be working overtime in simplifying things.  You change how you think about another person and their role in your life. Good stuff!!

12th - Nothing is more important than you in March. Be still and listen to the sound of your voice.  People see you as the leader, but this means nothing to you. You need silence. Take care of you by seeking aloneness. This month is dedicated to you and your needs. This is a great month to finally find you!!!


13th -  Little things win your attention. You are pushed to take control of a situation you have tried to avoid. Be proud! You take charge and settle the debt. Finalize the deal. Good common sense is your strength in March.


14th - You are the one "in the know." You shine like a star in all you do. Suitcases are all around, so open your doors and buy the ticket. It’s your time to explore and investigate the reasons why. A face from the past approaches and wins you over. YEA!


15th - At this time, giving your advice is not what you need to do. Reflection is the advantage you need to win and overcome, in order to celebrate your victories. March is a time to open your life to you and listen to your wants and needs. Nothing more…nothing less. You cross the finish line.


16th - In March, you must know how to receive the blessings given. What a great time to swell with pride! Review your last few months and truly see what you have accomplished. Energy is given to those who need more. It’s your turn! Take your seat at the head of the table. All is given to those who have been patient.


17th - Little things mean most to you this month. A purchase made rewards you. Entertain yourself with those you love. March is a great month for you to have your ego fed and your monies increased.  March rewards you with peace and prosperity. Enjoy.


18th - In March, expect to be given the attention to all you need. Life unfolds for you; however, be careful not to overreach. Life shows new meaning, so know where you are and what you need. You are given an opportunity to rise to the top in work and play. Applause is given. Since you are born to love and live completely, make time for rest. This is a busy month. Enjoy. 


19th - Each day will test your willingness to complete the task at hand. This is a great time for you to entertain and invite new friends into your life. In March, you are the one "in the know." Use it to benefit your life. The ​​Universe gives you an opportunity to spread your wings in your work life. Take advantage of it.


20th - You are such a peace maker, that it is difficult for you to put yourself first. This month you MUST come first. This is the perfect time to trust your instincts, because you have a straight line to the heavens. Take advantage of it. Ask for your needs to be met. Watch your life change.


21st - March is a month to balance your life and embrace you. You have the answers, so use your expertise to impress. Take time out for some house cleaning. Simplify, simplify. Extra $$, so treat yourself.


22nd - You are clearing the path for something new. Be prepared. March pushes you out of old patterns and brings someone to you who will show you how to make positive change. Watch and listen. You never know where the teacher will be.This is a happy time. 


23rd - You sit on a cloud viewing life from above. You have the advantage all month. You are encouraged to prove your case….and you do. This is not the time to be burdened by physical pressure. Remember, you ride on a cloud. This should be an easy, carefree month. Enjoy it!!! If it’s hard, you caused it. Take care of it.


24th - Good things come to those who wait. Finally, the cream rises to the top!!! Humility is your lesson in March. Given opportunities to shine and others notice you. Take advantage of it by trying your hand at something ​new. You can do it!!! The prize is grand!


25th - March gives you the freedom to untangle the knots and finally soar. Old friends and old situations return. Something in print gives you the go-ahead. Be careful with your coins. Too many options, so wait to ​​​purchase.


26th - Move slowly. Keep your focus on the here and now. You must give without expecting a return. Smart money choices are made. You step out of old shoes and try your hand at something new. Remember, slow steps. Good outcome.


27th - You start the month feeling pulled in too many directions, but by the end of the month, you know where you belong. Suitcases are around, so go! In March, bring your inner child out and have fun. Celebrate! You have ​earned it. Finally a second wind!!!! YEA!!!!


28th - I’m shown the camel for you. It takes a long time for the camel to cross the desert, so "Keep on keeping on!" is your message. Good news--you get to the top of the heap. Someone reaches out to you with good news.​​​


29th - Take care of your health. Last month was stressful, so you need to replenish your energy. A great month to eat healthy and exercise. In March, you have a "Hallelujah!" coming forth. Good news..Be ready at all times. GO when the light turns green.


30th - Be still and listen to the guidance given. You are a ball of light for many this month, so expect to be surrounded by those who need a lift. There is a element of luck coming your way. Nothing keeps you from reaching your goals. Make sure you make them daily, so that the Universe knows your desires.

31st - Don’t reach out.  Life comes to you. Finally, a door opens to a new thought or idea. Separate from those who stress you. Live this month with the attitude that you are the only one that matters. Do it and life gives ​​you the go ahead you have been waiting to hear.   

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