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Self-Image...and Hatred

When The Guides speak, it’s usually a smart thing to listen! This teaching is especially interesting, because it deals with the obsession over your physical self.


We have been taught that we are two parts—our physical self and our spiritual self. Look at yourself as beautiful, or at the very least, accepting. Most people look at what is reflecting back in the mirror in a dark, negative or critical way. The Guides are continually telling my clients how shocked and saddened they are at how ugly humans speak to themselves about ourselves.


This lesson focuses on the physical, because criticism of your physical self can cause confusion and discontent. It can cripple you from living your best life.


It’s a fact…

You learn who you are through struggle. Struggle in the outer world brings your soul forward, because you realize that outer struggles create a distance between you and your soul. The goal for everyone should be to truly, gently embrace your soul, because it is perfect.


If you buy in to the fact that we all chose our bodies, families and places of origin before we came into this life, you might be wondering how you got where you are today. If your body and your surroundings are meant to serve a purpose in your spiritual growth, where along the way, then, did you go wrong? If you were thin, why are you overeating now? If you always felt great, why are you disrespectful to your body now?


If you actively sabotage your physical self, you are deliberately putting limits on the person you can fully be as a spiritual self.


How do you get out of this rut? The first step is to learn to like, appreciate and care for your body. Begin with your attitude. Focus on the parts of your body you like. Hone in on positive aspects of you. If it’s your eyes you like, make them shine. If it’s your thin frame, make it more chiseled. Keep reminding yourself what is beautiful, what is perfect about you. When you focus on what you don’t like about your body, you waste time. That is because it keeps you away from what is beautiful about you.


Learn to re-train you. Ask yourself, “What is healthy about me? What’s a step ahead of others?” When you figure out the answers, make them grand! Look in the mirror first thing in the morning, then when you have yourself all cleaned up. Ask, “If I had to come back into a new life and a new body, which part or parts would I want to reclaim for the next adventure?”


The Guides Talk About Hate


Hate keeps you from focusing on your life. If you methodically think all the way through the issues involving the object of your hatred, you will discover only acceptance, envy, or possible hurt and pain, but you will see that there is no room for hate.


What you experience as hate appears only when the door is not truly opening to see everything that’s involved. Hate is a “closure” you use to keep you from seeing the whole picture. You use hate to end a problem, so you don’t have to see what has caused the problem in the first place!


Hate is looking without understanding the purpose of why something or someone is where they are.


Now, let’s flip this seemingly unrelated point back onto your physical self. If you hate your physical appearance or a part of your body, you do not understand the purpose of the battle or battles you have already fought. Perhaps those wrinkles are there because of the years you worked hard to help the family get through the devastation and loss of a person, a home or a way of life. Once you take the time to learn why something is there, you can accept it, understand it, or feel the pain of it—but you can no longer hate it. You can then redirect your time and energies to the things about you that have propped you up, moved you forward and made you the strong, beautiful soul you are inside. Then your physical body can’t help but radiate the beauty that comes from within.

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