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Shake! Shake! Shake!

The Guides say, “When man shakes the lint from himself, it is difficult for him to see what he is releasing. He must shake off these things, however, or he will never know what part of him needs to be replaced.”


It’s easy to let go of things that make you feel frightened. It’s hard, however, to let go of something that feels secure, even though it may no longer work for you. You spend your life clearing, only to find an emptiness you may never fill again. If you allow emptiness to grow, the feeling will become overwhelming. Shake off the emotions of things that are concluded.



Take inventory.


Pay attention to those doors along your path you need to close. Take inventory of your emotional life. Look at what you cling to that no longer works for you, then remove those things from your life. Find a way to FEEL those empty spaces, then…



Fill! Fill! Fill!


Look for things to replace them. Life must be continuous. *Unless you work for that, you will grow old before your time. You will become lost in your past and lose sight of the fruitfulness TODAY has to offer.


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