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Success Comes From YOU

You can second-guess your hopes. 

You can believe that even though you want it, you might never hold onto it.

It's necessary, however, to look at the "rivers in life that flow FOR you." That will only create MORE out of you.


To create a different life, be responsive to the life you are living. Look above at the stars that protect you, rather than the clouds that rain on you. 


People and situations that steal your enthusiasm and your need to accomplish things should be looked upon, not as anchors that hold you still, but as arrows that focus you on what you have to overcome to feed your needs.

It is also very important to understand your heart...your emotions. The Guides say there are no secrets to living a long life. The way to do that is to add substance to your life through your emotions. No matter how brilliant or thoughtful you are-- if your emotional self is starved, you will wilt and die an early death. As you grow old, know what you treasure each and every day of your life. If your life becomes too routined, you are unable to feel the ease of the life you’re living. You end up tolerating your weaknesses and strengthening your awkward traits. By focusing on those parts of you that aren’t working, you take from you the abundance of life available to you. Unless you know what is empty within you, you will never be able to fulfill your dreams.

Give your life a day of your own awareness. Pay attention to each day you’re in. Look at each hour of your day. Know what that hour has built for you around you--what has given to you energy and momentum. Also know in each hour of the day what depleted your energy. Pay attention to how you replace that in the way you express yourself.

Perhaps you do not even begin to understand the voice that lives within you. You are cautious in what you plan and what you do, but not in the words you use. You overload your life economically, and that takes away your springboard that would normally give you a bounce to create more for you.


For you to look at your life and determine what you need from it, learn to put aside those angles that no longer have a purpose for you. Everything in your life has to be smoothed into a rhythm that flows. Do that by recognizing your needs that are not being met, as well as the needs that are being "over-met."


To create a different life:

  • Feed yourself economically.

  • Know what you think.

  • Put emotional strength behind your thoughts.

  • Take stock of all that is a part of your life.

  • Solve the mysteries that continually push you into a fireball of pain.

  • Look at what you have accumulated, and begin to sort through those areas that no longer seem to be fulfilling.

  • Take care of your emotional self by cleansing the feelings that bury you and take away the opportunities available to you.

You will than have the abundance you want and need.

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