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The Symbology of Disease

According to The Guides...

When your soul is finished working on a problem, the body takes its turn to deal with it.

That is disease.

Disease shows what the soul is expressing. Believe it or not, The Guides say that we actually enjoy disease, because it gives us an occupation and a routine. That may sound outrageous, but let's take a look at what they are trying to teach us:


According to The Guides:

  • You "carry every emotion.

  • Diseases are not from food, but from the emotions you carry with them. 

  • Your body can tell you where you need to first forgive you, then others.

  • Healing can begin to take place by comforting that part of you.

  • Do not be afraid.

  • You will know when you have forgiven yourself when you see that part of you as special.


Here’s how The Guides interpret disease in specific parts of our bodies:


Skin: A deep-rooted destruction. You are allowing something to “rub you the wrong way.”


Lungs (respiratory): You are being forced to inhale a poisonous life. Those with this difficulty are often critical, destructive. Many with this condition struggled with birth.


Heart: You have lived through many broken dreams and heartaches. You keep your emotions to yourself and don't share with others. You worry for your family.


Digestion (colon, intestines): You are needy of others. You can’t stand to be alone. It’s hard to let things go (constipation). It’s difficult to hold on to what’s yours (diarrhea). Your past is too much in control. You have to grieve and accept it, so your soul can heal and move forward.


Limbs: You are very into you. You can’t move past you.


Head: You are a worrier who "over thinks" things. You beat yourself up over the past and things you can’t control (migraines). You never felt smart. You look too deeply into academics and intuitive thought.


Cancer: Your soul feels without power. Acknowledge you. Honor you. Do not judge you.


The message in all this?


Be sympathetic and compassionate to you, and know the message your soul and body are trying to tell you.


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