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Life's Four Emotions

We're all human, so we don't always understand our life's purpose.


As a spiritual being, you live life to learn moderation and learn how to determine what you seek from life. Those things give you the emotions you seek.


The Guides say that as souls on this earth, we are taught four emotions in life: hate, fear, love, and serenity. We experience each of these by the time we are ten years old. Most souls certainly experience them more than once, but The Guides teach:



"It is not the plate of emotion that will make you full. It is the experiencing of the emotion that will give you satisfaction."

When it comes to hate, The Guides teach...

"Man tries hard to face opposite from the direction of hate, yet he must understand that it is a workable tool for him to know better about himself, the parts of him that are buried."

As a human, you sometimes love to point your finger into another person's face. It makes you feel powerful. We all experience dislike or hate. The key is not to hate yourself.   

Unfortunately, hate is an emotion that runs deep. As humans, we do not know how to confront hate, because we believe that in order to overcome it, we must learn to love. While that is true, as a spiritual being, you must learn what part of you that you are trying to avoid. 


You can create dislike or hatred.  When you hate a situation or a person, it could be because you have drawn your conclusions much too quickly. You have shut down emotionally.  When you hate, you do not feel;  therefore, hate becomes a tool that keeps you safe...or so you believe.


Of all the emotions, hate is your greatest anchor. When you allow yourself to feel your anger, your dislike, your discomfort...your hate, it lets you see the blisters that the wounds of life have created inside you that need to be healed.


All wounds you carry within you are like vegetables that have been stored away--You can push them deep inside out of the light, but eventually they move to the surface... and you will have to taste them. 

The Other Emotions

As humans, we spend our lives running from what is behind us. We spend every "today" trying not to make it "yesterday." We run from our past. When you are afraid of being overwhelmed, you immediately taste discomfort, hate, anger, and the emotions that are not working for you. That creates fear.


Begin to see what part of you is not disciplined. It will show where you need to be more focused and uncovered.  That is the serenity you seek. Serenity, however, is the most difficult emotion to have.


The Guides say that humans do not know what it is to be at peace. We believe we must question everything, and that questioning it will make us better humans.


While that is true, it will also create fear.


Serenity is having placement in your world. That is all it is.  When you are at peace, you are at peace with yourself, because you know you. You have found the God Spirit within you. It is that which brings peace and serenity...nothing more. When you are confronted with the emotion of fear, however, you are not able to place your feet firmly on the ground.


Most people see fear as a negative emotion, but for many, it is a healing emotion. Fear can be disruptive. It limits you and your life and keeps you confined, but many times you find comfort in it, because it does limit you. You make excuses to protect your fears; yet, all of you will be forced to confront that part of you that you have stored away.


Fear and hate run side by side. You cannot hate someone and not be afraid of them or hate something and not be afraid of it. All of you have recreated you at different times in your lives. It is time to understand how to love you. Live can be distracting, but it also can be the part of you that becomes your pointer.


Do not confuse "like with "love." When you like something, you are intrigued by it. When you love someone or something, you feel obedient toward him or her. Loves creates a union. When it comes to life, you learn to live it by first liking it. You stay in you life by growing to love it. 


The Guides teach that it is hard when you do not want to know you better. You stay stagnated in one of these four emotions. Which emotion is dormant within you? Which is creeping up to the surface for you to face? Be honest. Face it. Accept it. Embrace it, so you can understand the "why" of it and move forward. 

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